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Friday, May 29, 2009


Regine is a bagaolic and a shoes addict. When I watched Roots to Riches, I can't imagine that from slippers and backpack, now she's wearing expensive shoes and bags particularly LV. I've heard that Regine bought an LV bag per month and she felt so guilty for buying one...now it's Ogie's turn to buy her luxury items a diva needs.

Here are some photos that I've gathered on Regine and her family's love for LV.

Totoy Bato- props....

at a resto in eastwood- 3-13-09

at the opening of GMA's new studio....

LV again with GR

unique shoes

yes! mag with her collection of LVs

the songbird and the songwriter concert 04


LV diamond studded heart pendant

last but not the least....

george with his LV Dog Collar!!

more at LV Friendster Fan Site

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Regine's Latest Single from her Low Key Album

Exclusive online-only promotional video for Regine Velasquez' single "No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors" still from her certified platinum album "Low Key"!

video from UniversalRecPH

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announcement! ALL RV FAN ART MAKERS!!!

all creative fans out there,

please submit your 'RV fan art' to mon1enararauno@yahoo.com starting now!!

the chosen fan art shall be displayed for 15 days here on blogger and also on friendster!!!!

let your RV fan art shine!!!

the chosen fan art shall be announced through the bulletin (friendster)...

important!!! the 'subject' when sending your e-mail must be FAN ART, if not we shall disregard your message/attachment.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

.......more about ROOTS TO RICHES

This Sunday (May 24), get to know more about Regine Velasquez as GMA Network brings to light the first-ever docu-musical special that unveils the journey of Asia’s Songbird from her humble beginnings to her immeasurable achievements in “Regine… Roots to Riches.”

Airing on GMA-7’s Sunday Night Box-Office (SNBO), “Regine… Roots to Riches” is a very touching and inspiring concert special staged at the gymnasium of Centro Escolar University in Malolos, Bulacan.

This docu-musical special is a creative mix of production numbers and documentary videos that traces the roots of Regina Encarnacion Velasquez, whose singing career started by joining hundreds of amateur singing contests all over Bulacan and even on national television.

The Asia’s Songbird traces back both the celebrities and ordinary people who have helped, contributed and supported in their own little way and even molded her to become who she is today.

Among those who have made a great contribution in reaching Regine’s dream are Mang Estong, the tricycle driver who used to take her to singing competitions in different towns; Mrs. Susan Galvez, her grade school teacher who used to make her gowns or costumes for free; Mang Gerry, her father, trainor and first manager; Ronnie Henares, Regine’s former manager and Cacai Mitra, her sister and current manager.

Joining Regine in this musical extravaganza are personalities who have been part of her success – Ms. Pilita Corrales, the host of “Ang Bagong Kampeon;” close friend Pops Fernandez, host of “Penthouse Live” where she made her first guest appearance on TV; Mr. Jose Mari Chan, with whom she did her first recorded duet. Also in the show are two of the country’s most sought-after leading men, Dingdong Dantes and Dennis Trillo.

But the biggest surprise of the docu-musical special is the showdown between Regine and her nemesis from her childhood years who competed against her note for note in amateur singing contests – Eva Castillo. In fact, Eva defeated Regine in almost all the amateur singing contests they competed except for one when the judges announced a tie. The reunion of these two long lost friends and singing contest rivals is one of the highlights of the docu-musical special that the viewers should not miss.

Walk down memory lane with Regine as she sings the songs that have seen her through her years in the industry – “And I Am Telling You,” “Love Me Again,” “Narito Ako,” and “Bakit Ako Mahihiya.” Watch out for Regine’s special performances with Mr. Jose Mari Chan singing the classic “Please Be Careful With My Heart,” and with Ms. Pilita Corales performing the big band version of Beyonce’s international hit “Single Ladies.”

This is the side of Regine that fans are dying to see. Witness as Asia’s Songbird traces her roots on “Regine… Roots to Riches” this Sunday on SNBO, right after Ful Haus, only on GMA-7.

from: noypishowbiz.wordpress.com and kay11butterfly for the vid

Roots to Riches TV Special TONIGHT!!!!!

Regine for me is not just because she sings perfectly but the way she appreciates us fans, the way she treasures her friendship to her circle of friends and especially how she loves her family so much. Regine always thank the Lord for her blessings/gift of singing and doesn't forget where she is now. Regine helps other singers/artists improve and even produce for them. Regine is also a philanthropist because she helps different charitable institutions. What i like the most is her journey filled with precious memories that once you look back, you'll never forget.

Regine's musical docu-biography concert was a reflection of her life, the concert was filled with memories during those times of obstacles and triumphs. The stage was like a 'time machine' for me because when Regine was singing some of the songs like her contest pieces/vintage signature songs and other memorable ones, it was like I belong in those times. Memorabilias of Regine like the gowns she worn during singing contests , her antique television, her memorable piano were also displayed in the concert.

by astigtey

by kay11butterfly

On Regine:
"...trabaho ako nang trabaho but I don't get to see them, pero one day I woke up and they were all grown up..."

After watching this TV special, I hope all the fans especially those people who tried to pull Regine down will be more appreciated/inspired and realize that Regine was, is, and forever, a great person.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Why is it called ROOTS TO RICHES?

"Rags to riches" is the common title for those people that became successful who came from nothing. Cinderella is a perfect example of this and many more who really struggled to become what they are now. Many Pacquiao, Henry Sy and Willie Revillame also arise were they were all poor, and now they are all wealthy and successful in their own field. If you for example are rags to riches, it means a 350 degree turn, from money nothing to big money spending and from nowhere to fame!

Examples of rags to riches: winning in a lottery, marrying a tycoon, and receiving unexpected heir from someone. Also examples of rags to riches are: from nothing, you became a successful bussinessman, promoted to a higher position, became a politician, and become a successful artist.

On Regine:
Regine Velasquez' life is also from rags to riches, for me her life is inspirational and I learned a lot from it, where it came to a point that my life continues because of her. I am not saying that I idolize her because she is rich but also the the flow and obstacles she underwent really admires everyone and how she shares her blessings aside from her as a singer....Regine is also a philanthropist.

Regine had a birthday concert last May 8, 2009 and the title of that show is called 'Roots to Riches'. When i first heard the title, I already had the idea that it will be an interesting concert as this concert is the very first 'musical docu-biography'. The songs in this concert are songs that marked her life, filled with memories like the songs she sang in singing contests, songs with meaningful lyrics that reflects her journey and her life and many more. For me, this concert will also be nice if this will be a series of concerts in Aliw or a perfect idea also for her 25th anniversary concert.

Regine, through this concert will reminise her roots where she started her journey in joining several amateur singing contests not just to fight poverty but also for recognition where she always win and sometimes loses because of Eva Castillo!

Regine's life for stardom was not easy, those were those times that they need to struggle a lot in order to live, thanks to her powerful and wonderful voice. From Chona to Regine...look at her now, an icon, a star and our songbird!

" my dream for her is to become a singer.....i never dream na she''ll become a star!"- Mang Gerry

Roots to Riches- May 24, 2009 GMA7's SNBO after Ful Haus

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Regine, also a watch addict?

Philip Stein is the one being endorsed by Kris Aquino or Oprah Winfrey (internationally). I am also a fan of this timepiece but I don't have at least one...

It is almost a priced watch that your money needs to be saved in order to have one, but this is not as expensive as any other Swiss made watches that Regine owns like Bulgari, Franck Muller and Rolex.

Probably this Philip Stein is just like Techno Marine (also Regine's fave) but it depends on the style and material.....more features or with diamonds, more expensive!

Actually, the birth of this Philip Stein was like 5-6 years ago and I was wondering why Regine did not have one since this watch is popular! Until now that regine finally has this as a watch sponsor....I'm so happy for her! i hope somebody will also sponsor me a watch like Philip Stein!! Ogie and Janno are also sponsored by Philippe Stein.

As you can see, Philip Stein is not just a simple yet elagant watch, you can also benefit fron it, it has TESLAR Chips inside that once you wear the watch; it helps fight radiation, reduce stress, for relief, for good concentration, strengthens and relaxes your mind, wellness and balance.

All those Reginian fans who are also a watch addict, buy now!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WELCOME to our new home!!!

Songbird Source! it will be more fun and exciting because the blog has its new home, will have more updates/stories than before especially with the help of sources/fellow Reginians... and also this blog is now designed mon1enararauno's way, colors matches the RV Friendster Fan Profile, mon1enararauno's RV Youtube Channel, and also RV Twitter.. except for RV Facebook Page!

Songbird Source! is already 3 months on Friendster and I also posted my old posts here, so that after this "welcome post", all new posts/updates will now be here on Blogger.

Now is the birth of songbirdsource.blogspot.com !

please follow us, thanks for your support

Pls. request for Regine's song NO WALLS, NO CEILINGS, NO FLOORS from her certified PLATINUM ALBUM 'LOW KEY'!

Pls. request for Regine's NO WALLS, NO CEILINGS, NO FLOORS from her certified PLATINUM ALBUM 'LOW KEY'!


please text:

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Vote for Regine Velasquez for FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2009

Vote: FHM's 100 Sexiest Women 2009

until June 15, 2009 only!!!

click FHM for the link

Online (1 vote/day)

or text
FHM100 Regine Velasquez send to 2948
Mobile (1 text = 5 entries)

Are You The Next Big Star? Initial Telecast

Titled "Are You the Next Big Star?" the show aims to pool together amateur and professional singers who are all hoping to take a shot at stardom.

"This is actually a first in a singing search," an insider said, "allowing experienced and professional singers to join the search. Iyon nga lang, they have to prove that they have no recording contract and no main appearances as singers since 2008."

For the first time, too, not just one but two (one male and one female) hopefuls will be proclaimed winners."

Would you believe that 10,000 joined the screening conducted by GMA-7 at SM Baliwag, SM Batangas, SM Marikina and GMA? From among them, 150 contestants were asked to undergo the next round of auditions. They then faced 15 weeks of grueling tasks, workshops and weekly live performances that are designed to sharpen their musicality, pop star power, and over-all mass appeal; not to mention the capacity to withstand the demands of a career in the highly competitive world of music.

Now, according to our source, they are down to 16.

"We have a roster of judges na 'di lang impressive, mga well-respected pa in their respective fields," said Regine. "Consider the following: Danny Tan record producer/composer, song writer Danny Tan, musical director and arranger Mon Faustino, vocal coach and The Company founding member Annie Quintos, '90s pop icon Randy Santiago and concert queen Pops Fernandez."

The two grand champions will each be awarded with a GMA exclusive management contract, a GMA Records recording contract, P1 million in cash from SM supermalls and other prizes, along with a once-in-a-lifetime shot at superstardom.

REGINE Velasquez is co-host of an upcoming reality show on GMA-7 along with Keempee de Leon, who is actually a singer and recording star, like Regine.

The said show will start tonight, May 16, 2009 after Pinoy Records.

sources: Ethel Ramos and c2rax

It's true: David Archuleta is a Regine fan!!!! from The Philippine Star- FUNFARE

From The Philippine Star- FUNFARE by: Mr. Ricky Lo
Tuesday- May 12, 2009

from the article (highlighted)
excerpts from a phone interview:

Anyway David, what have you heard about the Philippines?
"I've heard that it's very hot there."

Aside from that?
"I've heard that there are a lot of amazing singers from the Philippines."

Like who?
" My Favorite is Regine Velasquez. She was actually the one who got me to be an even bigger fan of Mariah Carey because she was singing all those Mariah Carey songs that I've never heard before.
'Wow.' I said, 'Regine is so good; she's amazing'."

(more about David A. at The Philippine Star- FUNFARE by: Ricky Lo 5-12-09)


To all our kababayans and foreigners!

MAY 14 HIGHLAND, California
San Manuel Casino
Call 1-800-359-2464

MAY 15 ORLANDO, Florida
Osceola Performing Arts Center @ 8PM
Or 1.888.348.2743 or Shey 818.983.8882

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Arturo Villamayor 816.308.0838
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Call Toll free 1.888.874.1789

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Monica 818.726.6333 / Melan 818-983-8881
Vicky 949-933-7065 / Tito 626-321-5381

happy 4th birthday george!!

May 11, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday!! we love you cutie george velasquez!! take care!! bantayan mo palagi si songbird!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

i love you mommy!

Regine Velasquez: Roots To Riches

here's the new title and new airing date (updated)....

GMA Presents




Malolos, Bulacan
MAY 8, 2009

MAY 24, 2009
Sunday Night Box Office (after Ful Haus)

Regine Velasquez is No. 1 at GMA 7

from: Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 19:57:00 05/05/2009

Filed Under: Television, Celebrities


MANILA, Philippines—A well-placed GMA 7 source confirms that the network’s biggest male star is still Richard Gutierrez, and that his female counterpart is Regine Velasquez. They are big, the source says, in terms of the talent fees they receive from the Kapuso network.

Birthday Special 2009

Update about the Regine Velasquez Birthday Special....

....the fans have a big question...when is this happening?

Regine is busy and no such plans for a birthday concert because of D4D and Totoy bato...

...but GMA promised us and still it's not advertised...and here's the answer...

(no title yet) i'll post it soon

...sorry...Songbird Soars is not anymore the title according to the sources but the venue and date are sure.

Regine again gives us superb singing and emotional performances in her shing and colorful Grand Television Special.

musical and special events (category)

The bithday special of Ms. Regine Velasquez will be on MAY 8,2009 at Centro Escolar University (CEU) Malolos Bulacan.

Admission is free.

The airing will be on MAY 17,2009 at Gma 7 after Ful Haus.

sources: trademark and giereg_2003

(for further questions, contact GMA or Aria)

Regine velasquez- 18 Greatest Hits Album

After the platinum success of Low Key, the MP3/MP4 RV Players, here comes a new 'april09' album of our very own songbird!

Please get a copy of Regine's new compilation album called:

Regine Velasquez- !8 greatest Hits!! (Vicor and VIVA Records)

tracks include:

* Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw
* Dadalhin
* Narito Ako
* In Your Eyes
* Each Day With You
* Fallin
* Ikaw
* Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang
* I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
* Emotion
* Maghihintay Ako Sa 'yo
* Pangako
* Kastilyong Buhangin
* On The Wings Of Love
* Hang On
* Shine
* Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin
* Urong Sulong


Top 10 Albums (OPM and Overall) by the Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 00:02:00 04/26/2009


Filed Under: Music, Entertainment (general)

STARTING TODAY, Inquirer Entertainment runs a weekly report on the best-selling recorded music in the country, based on a tally of sales from the previous week (this one from April 13-19) by Odyssey Music, the country’s biggest chain of record stores, with 80 outlets nationwide.

The list will consist of two charts—the Top 10 OPM albums and the Top 10 albums overall (both local and foreign releases).

Top 10 OPM albums

1) Willie Revillame—“Ikaw Na Nga” (Star Records)

2) Willie Revillame—“Giling Giling” (Star Records)

3) Richard Poon—“For You” (MCA Music)

4) Jed Madela—“Songs Rediscovered 2” (Universal Records)

5) Regine Velasquez—“Low Key” (Universal)

6) Sarah Geronimo—“Sarah OPM” (Viva Records)

7) Eraserheads—“Anthology, Vol. 1” (Sony Music)

8.) Charice Pempengco—“Charice” (Star Records)

9) FrancisM—“The Story Of FrancisM” (PolyEast)

10) Gretchen Barretto—“Complicated” (Star Records)


Top 10 overall

1) Willie Revillame—“Ikaw Na Nga” (Star Records)

2) Willie Revillame—“Giling Giling” (Star Records)

3) Journey—“Revelation” (MCA Music)

4) Taylor Swift—“Fearless” (MCA Music)

5) Various Artists—“You’re The Inspiration: Music of David Foster" (Warner Music)

6) Richard Poon—“For You” (MCA Music)

7) Jed Madela—“Songs Rediscovered 2” (Universal Records)

8.) Lady Gaga—“The Fame” (MCA Music)

9) Various Artists— "Hannah Montana The Movie Soundtrack” (MCA Music)

10) Regine Velasquez—“Low Key” (Universal Records)

regine new updates- D4D intrigues, anna molina's comeback (totoy bato), vacation with bubbah at the beach

by: khay11butterfly

Hoarse Voice Collection of Regine Velasquez

regine regine regine


at her worst voice, still the best no matter what happens!
- mon1enararauno

1) still

2) adore (Jesus i adore you)

3) how could you leave

4) songbird sings

5) regine at 20 2nd night- narito ako

6) with pps

7) twenty 2nd nignt - call me


8.) twenty 2nd night- shine

9) overall- twenty 2nd night

10) with this tear

11) i believe

credits to all the video owners!

God Bless!

Regine's Semana Santang Handog 09

Holy Week 2009

collection of inspirational songs by our very own songbird
pls. listen, reflect and have hope, peace and love- mon1enararauno

let's reflect this holy week...

Our Father (The Lord's Prayer)

Adore (Jesus I Adore You)


Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos?

The Prayer

Light of a Million Mornings

Hero/ When You Believe

Jesus take The Wheel

I Believe

credits to all of the owners..

God Bless Us Reginians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GMA-7 Asks ‘Are You the Next Big Star?’

GMA-7 Asks ‘Are You the Next Big Star?’

The kapuso network is indeed searching for the next singing superstar.

Since GMA is no longer looking for a Pinoy Idol, they are now searching for the next “Asia’s Songbird”, “Queen of Soul”, “RnB Princess” or “Prince of RnB”. In short, they are looking for the next BIG STAR!

If you think you have the whole package who has the potential to be the next singing superstar, the pre-screenings are starting today! The search is open to all amateur and even professional singers, male or female, and within the age of 16 to 24 years old.

Even those who had a career in singing or recording before, or appeared in a singing competition, are allowed to join provided that they have no existing contract and no mainstream appearances in 2008. So Pinoy Idol and Pinoy Dream Academy season 2 contestants are not eligible this year.

The first batch of audition schedules are as follows:

April 2 and 3 - SM Baliwag @ 10:00 a.m.

April 18 - SM Batangas @ 10 a.m.

April 24 and 25 - SM Marikina @ 10 a.m.

Other audition schedules to be announced.

Here are the requirements for audition:

1. Original and a photocopy of birth certificate
2. A valid ID, 2 photos (1 full body and 1 close-up)
3. Audition materials (2 CDs in minus 1 format)

Regine Velasquez will return to talent search hosting in GMA’s “Are You the Next Big Star?” The show is set to premiere in mid-May this year. alien


Yes! Our Songbird is one of the most influencial people in the industry...

Yes! You name it, indeed, Regine is already known for the overall success of her career, we all know that our songbird still reigns and her wings soars even higher and higher in her 20+ years in the industry. Regine Velasquez grabbed the 18th spot of the most influencial people of 2008 (entertainers category) according to the April 2009 issue of Yes! Magazine. It is not categorized as the richest people or the highest paid, only a percentage of the whole category, but also the staying power, the number of projects, shows, endorsements or sponsors in the said year.

Regine's 2008 is said to be a busy year for her, during the first quarter of controversies of switching channels, it did not pave the way for her to have an unlucky year. As said, Regine's 2008 is really one of her busiest year, why? Because she had numerous guestings, she had her own primetime show "Ako Si Kim Sam Soon", a highly budgeted musical variety show "Songbird" both in GMA7, her movie "Urduja" where she dubbed the voice of Urduja, concerts like "The Best of Me- A Birthday Special"; "Up Close and Personal" and "The Main Event: Duel of the Divas" both shown abroad, her brand new album "Low Key" and the "Divas 4 Divas" Concert.

This 2009, Low Key Album got a platinum recognition and she earns php 100,000 to 150,000 per taping day of "Totoy Bato". She also has Divas 4 Divas abroad. More to come, another busy year for our songbird! For more, pls grab a copy of the April 2009 issue of Yes! Magazine. Also included in Yes! Magazine- Totoy Bato Article/ Photos.

Totoy Bato OST - Ako'y Sa'yo

Totoy Bato OST - Ako'y sa 'Yo

Totoy Bato, Opening Theme February 20, 2009 Compossed by: Ogie Alcasid Re-arranged by: Bobby Velasco Performed by: Regine Velasquez from GMA-7

vid from: c2rax of youtube

Regine Velasquez as Anna Molina in TOTOY BATO

vid from: kay11butterfly (youtube) courtesy of GMA7


Totoy Bato is an upcoming boxing-themed Philippine drama from GMA Network based on the award-winning graphic novel of Carlo J. Caparas starring Robin Padilla in the title role, with Regine Velasquez, Eddie Garcia and boxing-champion Manny Pacquiao. The series is set to premiere on February 23, 2009.


In preparation for the role, lead star Robin Padilla, who after losing weight for Joaquin Bordado had to top his 160 pounds to achieve 200 pounds needed for Totoy Bato. He would train through playing rugby and football to gain the shape the director wants. He will also need to do boxing, jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, kickboxing and wrestling.

For the first time, Padilla teams-up with Regine Velasquez, although they have spawned two-blockbuster films (Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw and Till I Met You) in the past. Sunshine Dizon was first attached to the role, but GMA Network moved her to star in All About Eve.

Regine Velasquez, from his last telebabad show Ako Si Kim Sam Soon, She tries to lose weight to fit for TOTOY BATO, from a fat lady pastry chef to a singer. Regine's new role is not a "new role" to her true life as we all know.


Totoy Bato is a tough third class boxer. The story continues when a beautiful singer gets suck into the world of the cold-hearted Totoy.

Cast and characters

Main cast

* Robin Padilla as Totoy Bato
* Regine Velasquez as Anna
* Eddie Garcia as Fredo

Extended cast

* Deborh Sun
* Ian Veneracion
* Caridad Sancez
* Ronnie Lazaro
* Rommel Padilla
* Say Alonzo
* Joonee Gamboa
* Ehra Madrigal
* Jolo Revilla
* L. J. Reyes
* Tuesday Vargas
* Marlon Carmen
* Kiko Rustia
* Mon Confiado
* Queenie Padilla

Guest cast

* Manny Pacquiao as Emmanuel
* Ara Mina as Elena
* Camille Prats as Teen Anna
* Carlo Aquino as Teen Totoy
* Ella Guevarra as Young Anna

source: wikipedia

Low Key- Certified Platinum


Grab a copy for only PHP350!! and comes with "minus one" CD.

Congratulations Regine-Low Key for a platinum certification!!!!!!!!!!

Also avalable MP3 and MP4 players for PHP950/PHP1800 with uploaded songs from her past albums including Low key.

Thanks for those who already have a copy!!

Regine Velasquez- Not Just Asia's Songbird

asia's songbird

Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez from her standing ovation success in "Narito Ako" concert, she was the first Filipino to stage a solo concert at the Main Hall Of Carnegie, and as a part of the centennial anniversary concert series.

Her album " Listen Without prejudice" achieved platinum award in different countries. In 2000, she performed in the country's millenial theme "Written In The Sand" that was televised in 55 broadcast networks throughout the world.

Regine has done works with different international artists that includes Paul Anka, David Hasselhoff, Mandy Moore, David Pomeranz, Peabo Bryson, Jeffrey Osborne, Michel Legrand, 98 Degrees and Bryan McKnight.

Regine has also proven that she is also an actress, she was awarded as "Best Actress" in the mentally challenged woman entitled "Lobo" for "Maalaala Mo Kaya". In 2002, she was the " Box Office Queen " for the movie "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw".

She also produced some of her albums and concerts and also produce shows and records for other artists as well.

She also formed iMusic or indiMusic, in partnership with Universal Records Philippines.

Her 22 year career really soars higher and higher and continuing to fly high not just as Asia's Songbird but World's Songbird.- mon1enararauno