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Full House Tonight!
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Full House Tonight
Saturday Nights after Magpakailanman

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roots to Riches TV Special TONIGHT!!!!!

Regine for me is not just because she sings perfectly but the way she appreciates us fans, the way she treasures her friendship to her circle of friends and especially how she loves her family so much. Regine always thank the Lord for her blessings/gift of singing and doesn't forget where she is now. Regine helps other singers/artists improve and even produce for them. Regine is also a philanthropist because she helps different charitable institutions. What i like the most is her journey filled with precious memories that once you look back, you'll never forget.

Regine's musical docu-biography concert was a reflection of her life, the concert was filled with memories during those times of obstacles and triumphs. The stage was like a 'time machine' for me because when Regine was singing some of the songs like her contest pieces/vintage signature songs and other memorable ones, it was like I belong in those times. Memorabilias of Regine like the gowns she worn during singing contests , her antique television, her memorable piano were also displayed in the concert.

by astigtey

by kay11butterfly

On Regine:
"...trabaho ako nang trabaho but I don't get to see them, pero one day I woke up and they were all grown up..."

After watching this TV special, I hope all the fans especially those people who tried to pull Regine down will be more appreciated/inspired and realize that Regine was, is, and forever, a great person.

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