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Monday, December 21, 2009

Regine: Our Asia's Songbird

She is dubbed as the Asia's Songbird after winning the 1989 Asia Pacific Singing Contest in Hong Kong and is widely known for possessing a wide vocal range.

By 25, Regine became an International (Asian) Recording Artist. Regine became an international star and released three multi-platinum albums in Asia. She toured around the Philippines, and in various countries, captivating jam-packed crowds with her performances. She was also nominated and won in different award giving bodies in Asia. She was really a crowd favorite, in large part to her charm and endearing personality. "I work hard at what I do. I try to do better all the time," she says. Indeed, she is really the "Asia's Songbird."

This is to prove that Regine Velasquez deserved to be called as Asia's Songbird, she was the only Filipino to have concert outside the Philippines with NON-FILIPINO crowd, Filipino singers nowadays just made a concert outside the Philippines for Filipino abroad but Regine did it without Filipino audiences.

Here are some videos gathered in her Asian music scene.

vid by reginevideos

vid by reginevideos


vid by reginevideos

vid by kimjeachun

vid by juicyhotdog


vid by reginevideos/RVMM

vid by wowie888

vid by henachockoPPP

vid by henachockoPPP

vid by henachockoPPP


vid by louisse2008

vid by reginevideos

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  1. ganda grabehhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. ..she's really a total performer..a diva.a great talent.a brilliant voice.passionate.pretty.simple.INCOMPARABLE.really a TRULY, ONE and ONLY ASIA'S SONGBIRD.proud to be pinoy!she's my ULTIMATE idol.hindi magbabago yun..:)
    ..fr: r2kfave

  3. Not only she is hailed, dubbed, given, titled & labeled as ASIA SONGBIRD as well as a very truly well-deserved (most perfect-fitting title) ASIA POP QUEEN.. Most recently in 2009 she was dubbed yet another Newest Title by the Seventeen ASIA GAY MAGAZINE SINGAPORE as REGINE VELASQUEZ - ASIA MUSIC GAY POP ICON title for her huge influential MUSICAL/ARTISTRY impact + success in ASIA Continent.. The ONE FINEST BEST ASIA POP DIVA ever!

    There's only ONE ULTIMATE LEGENDARY ICONIC DIVA BEST SELLER ASIAN (English) POP ARTIST - ASIA POP QUEEN & ASIA MUSIC GAY POP ICON, REGINE VELASQUEZ... Her One Fierce Flawless Fabulous Fantastic + Effortless + Divine + Powerhouse + Soaring Vocals still reigns Supreme & still Unmatched to this Date. NO ONE can Outsang or Outdone REGINE... Not in this Lifetime! ;o)

  4. During David Archuleta’s arrival in the Philippines, several blogs reported that the singer was fascinated with Filipina singer Regine Velasquez. Velasquez, who failed to impress Clive Davis and Simon Cowell with a demo of twelve songs, was rejected and sought for redemption in an Archuleta publicity instead. In Archuleta’s official Twitter,[44]
    Archuleta officially confirmed that it was Filipina singer Charice who captured his attention the most, after seeing her perform “Note to God” in Oprah and meeting her in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,
    and not Velasquez,
    who was only mentioned to his team by Jomari Yllana, a concert promoter in the Philippines, five minutes after his arrival in Manila. Archuleta went on to say that he purchased Charice’s single the day it was released.
    Also, Archuleta’s publicists confirmed that the Velasquez issue was a CONTRACTUAL PUBLICITY agreement during the tour between GMA’s Cacai Velasquez-Mitra, concert promoter Jomari Yllana, and Archuleta’s team,
    and that Velasquez should be mentioned in his public appearances in the country, to boost Velasquez’ dismal exposure in the international scene.
    During his entire stay, Archuleta was forced to appreciate Velasquez during his press conferences, as part of the contract.
    Until now, Velasquez’ representatives refuse to comment on their alleged fraud to deceive Filipino fans.

    Velasquez was also set to appear in Filipina singer Charice's homecoming concert as a special guest performer. Upon knowing that they will both perform "Listen" and "I Have Nothing" a day before the concert date, Velasquez complained and stated that she did not prefer the setlist and demanded for a different arranger. During the concert day, Velasquez was nowhere to be found, and Kuh Ledesma was tapped as the replacement three hours before the show started. Two days later, Velasquez issued a statement that she had been ill during the day of the concert due to swine flu, despite reports that she and her married boyfriend Ogie Alcasid were caught partying the night before in Makati.