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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Happy 112th Independence Day Pilipinas!!


What can you say about the Songbird Regine Velasquez??

Ogie Alcasid - "The best singer in the world."- Heart2Heart Concert

Charice Pempengco- " She's
already a legend and everybody idolizes her including my mother Raquel
"Kaye" Relucio Pempengco. My mommy has bought almost all of Ate Regine's
CDs and tapes and watched her videos. She's a sweet person. Not many people
know that she's actually a shy person. Her voice is so powerful - sweet but
powerful. Before our trip to Los Angeles last February, Ate Regine invited
me to dinner at her home and cooked carbonara for us. She's an amazingly
good cook, too!'

Michelle Legrand- “Its tough to sing that song after Barbra Streisand, I will tell you…But to sing with Regine is, Im in heaven..She sings so well…she has such an extraordinary technical voice…and sensitive voice and talented expression.”

"The first time I heard her sing, I said to myself, 'what the hell? I owe it to the rest of the world to introduce this voice to them'. She is the voice with both the range and the heart - which is like none I've ever heard of in my entire career."

Bryan McKnight – “I have to tell you..I have worked with a lot of people, and you’re..I have to put you right up the top of the list of the most talented people I have worked with...”

Peabo Bryson
– “And I must say that this maybe the only female vocalist in the world who can rival Celine Dion.”

David Kozz – “How about this round of applause for this incredible voice! I never heard that song sounding great. Thank you so much!”

Jacky Cheung: "She was eating (pizza), something which I never did when I try to record a song. That was very amazing to me. That was the first time I ever did a duet with any artist. She has a very talented mind and gifted voice."

Coco Lee (MTV Asia)- "The DIVA of all DIVAS"

David Archuleta
- ”“I’ve heard that there are a lot of amazing singers from the Philippines.” “My favorite is Regine Velasquez. She was actually the one who got me to be an even bigger fan of Mariah Carey because she was singing all those Mariah Carey songs that I’ve never heard before. ‘Wow.’ I said, ‘Regine is so good; she’s amazing’.’”

Hmm.. She isn’t like my idol or anything haha, but I do really like her voice! She’s an amazing singer.”

WALLACE Huo: He said that he likes Regine's songs on SOP he even kissed her on her face.

Backstage Nathaniel Flatt (V Factory) shared that he once danced at a show for Regine Velasquez in LA, and is in awe of the Filipina diva’s singing voice.


Prince Charles (during his visit to Malacanang) Regine was the only one who sang for the prince on the invitation of the First Lady (Ming Ramos). Regine sang "On a Clear Day," "You'll Never Know," "Sana Maulit Muli" and a Barbra Streisand medley. The prince talked to her after singing and he said, "You did very well."

Saturday, October 10, 2009
Singapore Idol Top 10 : Duane Ho, Duane Russell Ho, 16, 15 January 1993 Single -
Who is your favourite Asian person?
Regine Velasquez (omg she is so pretty!)

Asian Journal
- "A rare breed of singer with strong lungs & well trained breathing...a certain kind of vocal resonance and proficiency...

Ryan Cayabyab – "Regine is a perfect example of a home grown singer with a real yung talagang totoong totoong talent...Nasa tuktok siya e. NO one can argue that fact. No other singer can argue that fact."

"... She has learned the right vocal placement and she now sings just like that," he snaps his fingers.

"She's the Philippines' best bet to international superstardom in song artistry. I truly look forward to every opportunity of working with her kaya lang she's too busy for me na! (laughs)

Audie Gemora (stage actor and director): "Regine is... just a wonderful performer. She's so sweet, unselfish, she's so... OK, what's the opposite of unselfish? She's a generous performer. I directed her recently at Ryan's 'Retrospective' and walang ka-star-star 'yang batang 'yan. She's absolutely giving and of course, the voice is a miracle."

Nonon Padilla (stage director; he directed "Noli Me Tangere" where Regine played Maria Clara): "She's great, her voice is just wonderful. She has the voice for the theater - which is unusual because now the talents that you get have tiny voices, they don't have voices that project well onstage. (In) this musical, it's not so difficult because we use mics, but with (Regine) even without mics, she can be heard (in the whole theater)."

Jamie Rivera: "Malaking factor din si Regine Velasquez sa career ko. Sa batch namin, siya yung gauge.

Inquirer – “This gifted songbird has proven time and again that she is a versatile performer and interpreter of songs in diverse styles from the kundiman inspired to love songs, she has shown depth and has displayed her powerful range. Regine is undoubtedly a great chanteuse who has deepened her vocal interpretations with the RIGHT EMOTIONS.”

Manila Bulletin - "Most of our top selling new female singers are still and mere parrots of her in terms of vocal acrobatics and predilection to show off her high range."

Dulce – “The World knows that you (regine) are the most wonderful vocal chord the Philippine has ever produced.”

From ABS related artists/publications
Charo Santos-Concio - She's the best... no one else comes close"

Martin Nievera – “But to sing with Regine and this is the truth that every male singer would say the same thing is our biggest fear. We have to try to be just like Regine. We try to sing on the same level, the same adlib, the same volume. We just can’t do it! I am humbled by this woman. My favorite singer of all time, Regine Velasquez. Still the Voice to beat!”

Kris Aquino – “She’s my favorite. I am willing to trade everything I own just to have her voice.”

Star Studio - "Regine has learned to control her powerful voice to be able to interpret songs that require sensitivity and vocal artistry."

Philippine Star - "Regine has always turned out mesmerizing , jaw dropping performances here and abroad"

Lea Salonga – “Local singers known for performing in this (belting) style are regine velasquez…although I have to give her props for exploring the quieter, more soothing aspects of her range.” “Truth be told, I sometimes envy the biriters PIPES OF STEEL; The heights that their voices can reach and the physical stamina that their efforts require

"I love her voice.. it's very clean, very soothing, but at the same time very powerful. And that (vocal) range, what a magnificent range! So amazing."

Apo Hiking Society- "Regine is one very good singer. She has a powerful voice. Tamang-tama lang yung timing ng pagmamature niya sa kanyang career. For her age, it is quite unusual na ma-reach niya yung peak ng kanyang singing career compared to her contemporaries. And we are very sure that she is going to maintain her status as Class A singer."

Kuh Ledesma: "The consummate artist, very professional and very talented. Truly warrants envy from everyone else in the industry.

Pops Fernandez – Regine is her and Martin’s favorite singer. She even expressed admiration for Regine’s powerful voice and the ability to sing any type of songs. She humbly admitted that she couldn’t do that and there’s a limit to the songs that she could sing.

Sunshine Cruz: she was interviewed on an episode of Celeste
Legaspi's Musika Atbp. and was asked the question, "Who is the
ultimate Pinay diva for you?" She answered, "Siyempre no doubt si
Regine Velasquez. Ang ganda ganda niya, magaling siyang kumanta, maganda syang manamit, at kaya nyang maging classy without even trying while maintaining yung mass audience nya."

Bituin Escalante: in an Inquirer feature article, she was asked who her influences are..she said Regine "inspired them all". She recalls watching Regine at the Folk Arts Theater and everyone giving her a standing ovation, she said herself "I want to be like her someday

Roselle Nava: "Pareho kong gusto si Jaya and Regine as singers and performers. But idol ko si Regine so may loyalty ako sa kanya..."

KC Concepcion - "I have all her albums! She's my idol in singing and I just love the way she carries herself, so bubbly, cheerful, and down-to-earth"

Sandara Park: said during Star Circle Quest initial screening that she wants to be a superstar "just like her idol Regine Velasquez".
Ai Ai delas Alas: "...gusto ko ang main event ng concert ko si Regine Velasquez. Favorite ko kasi siya, at saka dream ko talagang makasama siya sa concert."

Agot Isidro –when asked about which singer she’s afraid to perform with, she mentioned Regine’s name and added, “Magaling talaga siya, kahit may sakit siya hindi napa-flat ang voice niya.”

naalala ko si yeng constantino minsan nakita nya si regine sa concert ni mark bautista tapos habang kumakanta daw sya ninenerbyos daw sya kasi nasa harap nya si regine nanonood at nakikinig talaga sa kanya heheh!!! tapos dun sa part na birit part na sabi daw ni yeng ninenerbyos daw syang bumirit kasi nasa harap nya si regine although sabi naman si regine daw panay ang clap kay yeng...


Vilma Santos is a regine fan.there's this interview na nagtanong yung reporter kung sino ang favorite singer nya, si regine lang ang binanggit nya.

Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres Gomez: alam nyo ba na they never missed a regine concert. i saw them many, many times in almost all regine concerts.

Judy Ann Santos - On her bedroom, she has this great audio component system and beside it was a whole lineup of all of Regine's CD albums. She was asked who her favorite singers were and she said definitely Regine Velasquez. She said she would even "illusion" to sing-along while she plays Regine's songs.

Paolo Bediones
- He said he absolutely admires Regine's voice
and her being so down-to-earth and actually finds her very charming and beautiful.

Ryan Agoncillo - the TV host says he has a big crush on Regine and that he has a collection of Regine CDs playing on his car stereo.

Rica Peralejo
- She said in an episode of Martin Late @ Nite that Regine is her favorite Filipina singer and that she always makes it a point to see her perform live in concerts since Regine always comes up with very neat surprises each time.

Rosanna Roces
- on one episode of StarTalk where Regine guested, she asked Rosanna if she wants to pursue a career in music as she can draw crowds in her not-so-wholesome concert stints and she answered back: "hay nako, siguro kung kasinggaling ko lang si Regine Velasquez eh bakit hindi? Kaso hindi eh, dahil walang kapantay ang galing ni Regine! Idol na idol talaga!"

Jose Javier Reyes
(film director): "The truth is that I'm a fan of Regine..."

Teodoro "Teddyman" Benigno saw "Hataw Awit Pinoy" (Sept. 10, 1994) Heres the Score":

The singing at the ULTRA was great, the cast of singers wonderful,
but mine eyes largely lighted on Regine Velasquez, Verni Varga and Rico J. Puno. At one time, when Regine was on in a slinky, figure-hugging, bare-shouldered black dress, Miriam Defensor Santiago winked at Joker (Arroyo) and myself and said: "I bet both of you have lascivious thoughts." No, I have absolutely no lascivious thoughts watching Regine Velasquez perform. Hearing her is hearing an extraordinary virtuoso belt out a song.The melody comes out like a flight of eagles when it does not stay in the air like mists around a mountain.

What also makes Regine stand out is a pristine youth and a pristine innocence even as she performs like an old-time pro. [snip] But what vocal power this girl has! She holds a high note like Samson holding the pillars of a trembling building. You wonder where the powers come from for Regine is spare, with no heaving bosom like Mae West had heaving bosom. [snip]

admin mon1enararauno- The best of the best, she may be not known internationally but for me, she is the WORLD's SONGBIRD!And at 40, she is still the voice to beat!

Source!: RVMM/Youtube/various news, interviews and articles...

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  1. Regine is still Asia's Queen, really. See? One of Singaporean Idol Top 10 finalists said Regine is his favorite ASIAN PERSON! It had been over a decade since she stopped promoting herself in different Asian nations yet Asian youth still know her and even consider her not just a favorite artist but FAVORITE PERSON! Meaning her INFLUENCE is still captivating ASIA, and they love her not just a singer, performer, but they also love her because she's such a beautiful soul. Awesome! They are aware how wonderful Regine's voice is and how pretty she is both IN and OUT.

  2. gusto ko tong topic na to hehe..

    nkakatuwang malaman na andami tlgang nagaadmire sknya.. khit ung mga kapwa nya artista..

    tnx for posting.

  3. Hi, thanks for compiling this. I would just like to add, Bea Alonzo and Maja Salvador are Regine fans too. Nakalagay ata sa album ni Bea tapos yung kay Maja sa interview with Philstar. If I'm not mistaken, si Toni Gonzaga din fan ni Regine.

  4. grabe kakataba ng puso..yung mga di ko naman feel na co-artist ni songbird eh nagustuhan ko na kahit papano ng malaman kong they idolized our dearest songbird..we are all proud and love you songbird..no one can beat you and replace in our hearts and minds you are the highest filipino pride of all time..
    thanks for posting this topic i really enjoyed reading it,,great job..continue to share us info's anout our dearest songbird


  6. I happy to die knowing how they really admire my one and only "IDOL", the living legend in Philippines Music Industry!

  7. i admire most of my idol songs,. full of emotions, she help me to relieve all my bad feelings... i love you SONGBIRD... i'm so so happy that you finally found your love one, and be loved to him too