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Full House Tonight!
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Full House Tonight
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Regine, also a watch addict?

Philip Stein is the one being endorsed by Kris Aquino or Oprah Winfrey (internationally). I am also a fan of this timepiece but I don't have at least one...

It is almost a priced watch that your money needs to be saved in order to have one, but this is not as expensive as any other Swiss made watches that Regine owns like Bulgari, Franck Muller and Rolex.

Probably this Philip Stein is just like Techno Marine (also Regine's fave) but it depends on the style and material.....more features or with diamonds, more expensive!

Actually, the birth of this Philip Stein was like 5-6 years ago and I was wondering why Regine did not have one since this watch is popular! Until now that regine finally has this as a watch sponsor....I'm so happy for her! i hope somebody will also sponsor me a watch like Philip Stein!! Ogie and Janno are also sponsored by Philippe Stein.

As you can see, Philip Stein is not just a simple yet elagant watch, you can also benefit fron it, it has TESLAR Chips inside that once you wear the watch; it helps fight radiation, reduce stress, for relief, for good concentration, strengthens and relaxes your mind, wellness and balance.

All those Reginian fans who are also a watch addict, buy now!!

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