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Friday, May 22, 2009

Why is it called ROOTS TO RICHES?

"Rags to riches" is the common title for those people that became successful who came from nothing. Cinderella is a perfect example of this and many more who really struggled to become what they are now. Many Pacquiao, Henry Sy and Willie Revillame also arise were they were all poor, and now they are all wealthy and successful in their own field. If you for example are rags to riches, it means a 350 degree turn, from money nothing to big money spending and from nowhere to fame!

Examples of rags to riches: winning in a lottery, marrying a tycoon, and receiving unexpected heir from someone. Also examples of rags to riches are: from nothing, you became a successful bussinessman, promoted to a higher position, became a politician, and become a successful artist.

On Regine:
Regine Velasquez' life is also from rags to riches, for me her life is inspirational and I learned a lot from it, where it came to a point that my life continues because of her. I am not saying that I idolize her because she is rich but also the the flow and obstacles she underwent really admires everyone and how she shares her blessings aside from her as a singer....Regine is also a philanthropist.

Regine had a birthday concert last May 8, 2009 and the title of that show is called 'Roots to Riches'. When i first heard the title, I already had the idea that it will be an interesting concert as this concert is the very first 'musical docu-biography'. The songs in this concert are songs that marked her life, filled with memories like the songs she sang in singing contests, songs with meaningful lyrics that reflects her journey and her life and many more. For me, this concert will also be nice if this will be a series of concerts in Aliw or a perfect idea also for her 25th anniversary concert.

Regine, through this concert will reminise her roots where she started her journey in joining several amateur singing contests not just to fight poverty but also for recognition where she always win and sometimes loses because of Eva Castillo!

Regine's life for stardom was not easy, those were those times that they need to struggle a lot in order to live, thanks to her powerful and wonderful voice. From Chona to Regine...look at her now, an icon, a star and our songbird!

" my dream for her is to become a singer.....i never dream na she''ll become a star!"- Mang Gerry

Roots to Riches- May 24, 2009 GMA7's SNBO after Ful Haus

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