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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

25 Years of Songbird Archive: Regine at 20: Out There On Her Own

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She was 15 when I first met her on board a ferryboat bound for Calapan, Mindoro. She was a wisp of a girl, so thin and pale I was half-afraid she would break, like a fragile China doll. Yes, she said, she was the girl who had won that singing contest on television the year before. She was on her way to perform in a stage show at a school gym somewhere in Mindoro, she explained in a tiny, quivering voice. She was scheduled to sing two songs for a talent fee of P1,500 and she was excited. Her hair, done in outdated curls, framed her made-up face and her loose, nondescript clothes overwhelmed her petite figure. She looked like a very old 15-year-old. Her almond eyes squinted into slits as she looked out into the open sea like an expectant lover. She was alone in that corner of the deck, but nearby stood a scraggly, dark-complexioned man of about 40. Her father, someone said.

 He taught her how to sing, another commented. I wanted to hold her steady lest she will fall into the water or the strong wind blow away her tiny body. But her father beat me to it by reminding her not to stay too close to the railing. On the opposite of the deck, Janice de Belen Roderick Paulate and some other celebrities were engaged in small talk. In Mindoro, my friends and I found ourselves staying in the room next to her in a cheap, elevatorless hotel.

 We invited her to join us and teasingly urged her to sing. Without much ado she obliged, and soon, her melancholy voice, no longer small and unsure filled the cramped hotel room. "All at once, I looked around and found that you were with another love," she sang the Whitney Houston number, cautiously at first, sounding like a wind song. There her voice rose to an awe-inspiring crescendo. "Ever since I met you, you're the only love I know." A rap on the door rudely interrupted our mini-concert. Her father peeped in. "I heard someone singing, was that you, Chona?" he asked. "Hindi po, Siya po," she lied, pointing a finger at me. But Papa knew better. "Kailangan i-conserve mo ang boses mo para sa show mamaya," he scolded her. She fell silent, her head bowed in embarrassment. "Sige, ha," she bade us goodbye in a voice we couldn't reconcile with that of our impromptu entertainer.

The next time I met the girl named Chona was at a decent sing along bar along West Avenue in 1986. Her voice effortlessly glided through the difficult notes of the EDSA revolution song "Mag-kaisa." The show was a regular stint for her, her father said. Commuting from Bulacan to Manila had been a problem initially, but they mad friends with a taxi driver to whom they became suki. They paid him P200 pesos for waiting and taking them home to Bulacan every time Chona had a performance. The next time I saw Regina Asuncion Velasquez she was performing at a small, art decoish cafe/bar. She was no longer Chona but Regine. A singer/TV host had re-christened her, saying her nickname sounded too parochial for someone so young. The shy provinciana, now a year older, felt burdened by the high-sounding moniker. She must act like a Regine now and leave chokingly boring Chona behind. Her new manager, Ronnie Henares, who had discovered her in that sing-along joint, felt that her repertoire and general appearance should change along her name. Her outmoded clothes were thrown into a baul (native chest) and sweatshirts, high-cut rubber shoes and jeans became her regular fashion fare. Her straight, shoulder length hair was left as it was, with no spraynet to hold it in place, while she danced to more upbeat songs. She was a teenager, for heaven's sake, no matter that she was the breadwinner for a family of six.

Gone was the dark colored eye shadow she used to put on her narrow lids, that mad her cat like yes look bruised and heavy. No more cheekbone highlighter that gave her an emancipated look. The new light make-up emphasized rather than hid her small face. The girl was beautiful, after all. She was also gaining quite a following. The young habitues of the cafe and a sprinkling of yuppies and middle-aged music lovers filled the place to standing room capacity.

The entrance fee had been raised - a sure sign of her growing celebrity. Mang Gerry, her father, remained zealous guardian. "From manager to alalay," he said, laughing away his demotion. "I've got a crush on you," she belted out on a disco number, her wiry limbs, camouflaged by thick clothing, gracefully maneuvering the stage floor. I didn't know she could dance so well. Between songs she gave spiels in Taglish contorting her face when someone from the audience commented or grunted a request. She hated having to talk, but "Regine" sounded like the name of a glib-tongued girl.I did not just "see" Regine the next time, I sought her out for an interview. She was 17 by then, and among her fans was Larry Henares, who immortalized her in his column. She had just recorded her first single, "Urong Sulong," which was thinking of going back to school the following year.

It was Mang Gerry who did most of the talking that time. Regine, surprisingly, still had much of the reticent Chona in her. One thing brought a glow to her eyes though the second hand Toyota car she had just acquired. "I bought that with my sweat and blood," she proudly says. It's been three years since that last interview, but the girl who greets us as we alight from Primeline's delivery jeep is still pale and thin. "Magandang tanghali po," Regine says, her naked face made even more startling by her cropped crown. The gamine charm shows through the maong jeans and handpainted T-shirt. She looks more 15 than 20. But more Regine now than Chona.

We have come all the way from Manila to San Juan (Balagtas, Bulacan), a barrio by the river where Regine has spent most of her growing-up years. If not for her accommodating townmates who led us from one narrow thoroughfare to another, we would not have found her house. A gray Hi Ace is parked outside her studio type apartment across the family's house. The receiving area, separated from her bedroom by a makeshift wall, bears much of her provincial character. No one would suspect that a celebrity lives in this carelessly trimmed house. It looks more like the house of a movie fan with its mounted faded posters of Regine's past concerts intermingling with inexpensive paintings of nature. The concert posters have documented Regine's metamorphosis, so to speak. In one, for instance, she seems naive and uncaring. She transforms into a sensuous young lady in another. And from pastel-colored attire she graduates to a more intense black and red. A red Sto. Nino statuette stands atop an old piano.

The sala set, flower printed and brightly colored is the ultimate assault on a modern decorator's sensibilities.It's been a year since Regine moved into her own place, for no special reason, but just so she would have enough space for all her growing number of things wardrobe, appliances and friends. But there seems to be no effort to make the apartment look more stylish and sophisticated, or at least presentable. On a magazine shelf she has a cheap photo album of showbiz stars Randy Santiago, Janno Gibbs, Bing Loyzaga, Lilet and an autograph of Maricel Soriano on a small piece of paper, among others. A stack of foreign fashion magazines -Vogue, Elle, Mademoiselle looks out of place among the albums and clippings. In those magazines lies the secret to her new found sophistication in fashion. Atop the improvised divider are her trophies, most of which still bear her old name: Chona Velasquez. There are 67 of them, including her latest, the Asia Pacific grand trophy which she won in Hong Kong last month. "I joined 200 contests but won first place in only 67," she blurts out unexpectedly. Recently, the Lions Club of Hong Kong honored her with a three foot high trophy in ruby red and gold. "My father had a hard time carrying it," she says while putting on make up for the pictorial.

She has just returned from that Hong Kong trip and has barely unpacked. She is bothered that she wasn't told about the pictorial because she could have fixed herself before we arrived. "Sana nag-Easy Call kayo," she reprimands her PR. But there's actually very little on that face that needs covering, and she finishes jiffy .
"Can we have her pose by the river where you used to submerge her?" the SI photographer asks Mang Gerry. "It wasn't here where I used to submerge her but in Leyte, where my wife was born," Mang Gerry clarifies. "We moved to Bulacan only when Chona was already 10."

The Velasquez' led a mobile lifestyle in the early '70s. Mang Gerry's job as a constructor estimator required him and his family to move from one province to another. With the children's schooling interrupted so often, it is a wonder that Regine finished high school at all at St. Lawrence Academy in Bulacan. She attributes her good English diction to her years at St. Lawrence and to her favorite foreign singers, to whom she listens carefully. "I told her never to get the lyrics of the songs from song hits. Listen to the original singers and capture every word correctly," says her omnipresent singing coach.

"Si Chona!" a little girl excitedly says upon seeing Regine walk toward the ancient camachile tree for the pictorial. The child runs to her mother when I begin asking her about Regine. "Ninang niya si Chona, e," says Aling Leonila, Regine's neighbor and distant relative."Hindi naman nagbago yang batang 'yan. Gustong-gusto siya rito. Lahat nga yata ng bata rito ay inaanak niya," she continues.

Regine's neighbors remember when their mornings were not complete without hearing little Chona, then about 10, vocalizing. "Palagi niyang kinakanta nuon yung kay Eva Eugenio at kay Imelda Papin, they recall with amusement. Of course now she rehearses in air conditioned studios, although her barriomates are still occasionally treated to free mini concerts whenever she practices in her apartment. Right now she's more into jazz music.

Regine has never thought of moving to Manila. Not even now. She has all the love she needs in San Juan. And that, to her, is the most important thing. Certainly it couldn't have been by coincidence that almost every female in this rural neighborhood, whether young or old sports Regine's daring, boyish do. "I feel I have matured a lot since I started six years ago. Marami na akong na experience, Regine intimates. "That Hong Kong trip for me was a big deal. It contributed a lot to my growth.

"You see, I was scared at first of going there to compete. I felt I wasn't that good. Beside, it's like I've gotten tired of competing. All my life that was what I did. I was tired of the pressure," she says. It took her good friends and mentors Nanette Inventor and Ivy Violan to convince her. "They said, 'You were chosen by Channel 7 of all singers. That means they believe in you. That did it."

Before the contest proper Regine had been obsessed with winning. "I didn't think of anything else. I didn't realize that the reason I was there was no t just to compete but to interact with the other competitors who were from other countries, to make an impression of my country on them. When I got there, I forgot all about the contest and making friends with the other foreign contestants became a bigger challenge. At first it was difficult because some didn't even know how to speak English. Now two have already written me."

It was in that contest that she rendered what she considers the most difficult song she has ever sung: "I'm Telling You' from the Broadway play Dream Girls. A mongrel comes along and waits for a pat on the head. "This is my dog Askar, Regine says as she runs her skinny fingers through the dog's tan-colored hair. "Askar means Asong Karaniwan."

It is only now, she confides, that she is able to savor the fruits of her labor. "Before, I always had to think of what was needed first before I would buy what I wanted. Now, I can get both. Ang pangarap ko ngayon ay ang mapatapos ang mag kapatid ko."

Her sister Maricar, 19, is a business administration student at St. Paul College, Manila; brother Jojo ,16, high school senior at La Consolacion, Bulacan; and twin sisters Dianne and Deca, 13 are in first year high school at La Consolacion. "They make lambing to me whenever they need something in school or maybe want something," Regine says, stressing the difference between "need" and " want" .

She has no regrets that at 20 she has felt neither the throbbings of passionate love nor the pain of unrequited love. "I think my maturity came from the experiences I had with my family," she says confidently. "I'm still very young. Love can wait. For now, my concerns are my family's needs. I might go back to school when Maricar graduates and is able to help in sending the other children to school."

Regine still dreams of enrolling in a fine arts course someday. When not singing on TV or concertizing, she indulges in her favorite pastime...sketching. She's hand painting shirts now, and explains that she herself did the t-shirt she was wearing when we arrived. She fetches the tee and shows the painting of a woman's face whose long hair sensuously covers her left eye. She colored the hair orange and lips neon pink. "I like sketching and painting women's faces. The contours of the eyes and lips are just beautiful. They're so nice to draw," she explains.

She tells the story behind her new haircut: "I had it shortened to ear length on my 18th birthday. I was supposed to have a concert then but a foreign band, The Jets, came over and I was advised against staging my concert on the same date which was my birthday. In rebellion, I cut my hair, which was already down to my chest, very short."

But after that act of rebellion came, the stories in the tabloids and movie columns that her face had undergone cosmetic surgery. So why didn't they make your nose better, I kid her. She laughs."You've seen me before, do you see any change?" Oh, but I don't mind those intrigues. I try to tell them it's just my make up, that now I already know how to blend with colors or enhance my features but then they say I'm being defensive.

Inside her room clothes are strewn here and there, the improvised shelves over her bed are stacked with encyclopedia volues and innumerable little stuffed dolls. She plans to clean all the dolls for Christmas and distribute them to orphanages. "Not that I've outgrown my love for them. Actually, they're so precious to me because they were gifts from my good friends. But doesn't that fact make the dolls more special and worthy of being given as gifts to orphaned and abandoned kids?"

Regine disputes rumors that she is auditioning for the role of Kin in Ms. Saigon. "I'm afraid I might not be able to endure the rehearsals. I developed nodules in my throat before and they had to be taken out by surgery. And with my hair, I might be considered for the part of soldier," she says, laughing at herself.

We keep quiet as she teats us to an a capella rendition of her favorite song, "On My Way To You" by Barbara Streisand. Softly, at first, like a wind song but full of intense and emotions. I remember that day in Mindoro when she sang that Whitney Houston song, except this time, her father doesn't interrupt. He listens as intently as we do.

Mang Gerry's girl has definitely grown up. And how!

Source: Regine at 20: Out There On Her Own By Lani T. Montreal Sun. Inquirer Magazine July 8, 1990

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ogie Alcasid excitedly anticipates birth of baby with Regine Velasquez

At the press launch of GMA-7's latest early primetime series Daldalita last night, October 13, Ogie Alcasid was eager to talk about playing the role of a father.   "Yung pagiging tatay, malapit sa puso ko 'yun, e. It's a role that I love playing.   "So, playing it on TV, I think, it's a challenge and at the same time, natutuwa ako..."   In this new Kapuso soap that will start airing on October 17 before 24 Oras, Ogie will portray Mateo, father to Daldalita, played by the darling child actress Jillian Ward.   "Batangueño ako dito, actually," relays Ogie. "Isang probinsyano na nagsikap, biglang naging beterinaryo.   "I had to move on, namatay yung asawa ko, nawala yung anak ko. Tragedy siya."   It will be the first time for the singer-songwriter-comedian to immerse himself in a dramatic role.   While Ogie has his plate full with other projects—such as gag show Bubble Gang, Sunday musical-variety program Party Pilipinas, and talent search Protégé—he gladly accepted the acting stint that would add a different color to his palette.   "Para naman maiba... kasi siyempre sa Bubble Gang, kengkoy na ako dun. Dito, may konting kengkoy pero more tatay."   His wife, Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez, agrees.   "Si Reg, nung nakita niya yung trailer, cute na cute siya! [Sabi niya] 'O, at least, iba naman yung ginagawa mo.'"
EXPECTANT FATHER. While Ogie was at the said press launch of Daldalita, Regine was at home hosting a baby shower—a third one, Ogie says.   "Meron silang baby shower [ngayon]. Pangatlo na 'yan!   "Okay naman siya, nagpa-OB kami yesterday. At, a... one month to go."   Regine is due to give birth sometime November 22 until the first week of December.   Asked how their preparation as an expectant couple is coming along, Ogie replies in jest, "Well, we're quite prepared. In fact, pati yung pang-college niya nabili na namin...   "I don't think there's any equipment in the world that we don't have! Pati yung thermometer ng kuwarto, meron kami!   "I think we're too excited!"   Ogie likewise mentions that he is in the process of composing a song for his child.   "'Di ko pa natatapos, pero yung title ay 'Daldalita!'"   Kidding aside, Ogie mentions that his working title for the song is "Aking Anak."   Source! Abby Mendoza of pep.ph   Blog Widget by LinkWithin Bookmark and Share

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Regine Velasquez TWENTY (5th Anniversary Celebration)


According to veteran director Freddie Santos, Regine Velasquez's latestperformance is always her best. I find that true and remarkable since Reginehas been singing for 2 decades and she has maintained that vocal ability.

The show kicked off with "Narito Ako." Three women posed as Regine near theRoman pillars of the huge stage. Regine popped out at the center coming frombelow. She told the audience of her past through song. So "Narito Ako" wasnot sung straight, there were parts of songs from her childhood: "Buhat,""Mr. DJ," "Pangarap na Bituin," "Bakit Ako Mahihiya" and "In Your Eyes." Hervoice was already quivering a bit which signaled to us the emotional natureof the concert. Regine looked like a gift for she had a big bow at her naveland she presented herself like a gift by getting out of her robe throughopening that bow.

             October 13 & 14, 2006 TWENTY (20th Anniversary Concert @ Araneta Coliseum)

In a few seconds, she did "Call Me." The moment I heard that song in the"Covers 2" album, I knew that it would be a great song to start a show sinceit gets the heart racing. In some parts of the song, she sounded husky.After watching so many shows of Regine, I thought to myself: "Oh, my... shemight not have a speaking voice." She confirmed it when she began to talk."Kagabi po medyo tinodo ko, pasensya na po kayo - medyo malat ako ngayonggabi." She drank tea or water from time to time to soothe her throat.

She dwelt on her past that brought out tears. "Akala ko naiyak ko na lahatkagabi, may'ron pa rin pala... kaya nga actress na 'ko ngayon." What she wassaying was painful but she softened it with humor. "Noong nagsisimula palang ako, maraming nagsasabing wala naman daw akong mararating kasi hindinaman daw ako kagandahan.. . pero hindi ko po pinaayos ang mukha ko.

Maramiding nagsabi na hindi raw ako sisikat kasi hindi ako marunong mag-Englishkasi galing akong Bulacan eh. Nag-aral nga ako sa Mababang Paaralan ngBalagtas, Bulacan. But, I'm still here and it has been 20 years." Theaudience was with her in her exultation.

Love Affairs

Regine was quick to acknowledge that her ascent to the top would not havehappened without the help and support of many people. She considers herrelationship with those people as "love affairs." First of was her affairwith photographers: her family, fans and the one responsible for her glamourshots, Jun de Leon. She dedicated the song "Shine" to them for they make hershine through the photos they have taken of her.

Next to be thanked was the producer of Regine's movies - Vic del Rosario."Boss Vic, maraming, maraming salamat kasi ikaw lang ang naniwala na puwedepala akong artista." He saw her playing Maria Clara in the musical, "Noli MeTangere" and at that point, he decided to cast her in "Wanted: PerfectMother" - the movie that launched her career as a lead actress. When herkissing scenes from her movies were being flashed, the girly-girl ("kikay")spirit in her sneaked out. "I like to play different characters. Not tomention, I get to kiss all these cute guys. Actually, 'yon lang naman anginaasam ko. 'Yon lang naman ang habol ko do'n."

Her movie theme songs medleyfollowed: "You Are My Song," "Pangako," "Pangarap Ko ang Ibigin Ka," "Ikaw"and "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw."

The focus shifted a little to the dancers (Hotlegs). They were with Reginein a production number that had an innovative arrangement combining"Buttons" and "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls with "Hotstuff" and "ShakeYour Groove Thing." In the latter part of the show, she stressed herappreciation for the dancers' work through the years by letting them takecenter stage in the "Music of Goodbye." I kept waiting for Regine to do thissong in a major concert. I thought its chance had passed when it was notincluded in the "R2K the Concert."

Composers or songwriters play a major role in Regine's success. It isthrough their songs that Regine's music career is defined. The songwriterwhom she has worked with often is Ogie Alcasid. Surprisingly, her 2 favoriteworks of his are not done by her. To express her gratitude to him, she sangthem - "Kailangan Kita" and "Ikaw Lamang."

Upon noticing the crowd's enthusiastic response to her costume changes (shehad 5 - dark pink, lipstick red, royal blue, flesh and white), Regine was sothoughtful in mentioning her fashion designers. The first one to dress herup was Louie Mamengo. When Louie went to the U.S., he entrusted her to Rajo Laurel. Now, Regine is also working with Pepsi Herrera and Edwin Tan.

Signature Songs

It was when she paid tribute to her musical directors and musicians that hersignature songs were featured: "On the Wings of Love," "What Kind of Fool AmI," "Dadalhin (acoustic version)," "Sana Maulit Muli" and "I Don't WannaMiss a Thing." By doing these songs, her mastery, intensity as well as,sensitivity were exhibited. I thought her not having a speaking voice woulddeter her from belting but apparently not so. She went full throttle inhitting those high notes. She certainly knew where to get that voice frominside her.

The choir (U.P. Singing Ambassadors) accompanied Regine in "On the Wings ofLove." The arrangement of the song was similar to the one they used in "OneNight with Regine." Regine was given a thunderous applause for herperformance. She was amused by it that she was late in introducing thechoir, they already left the stage. She wittily said, "Ay, wala na sila...ingat kayo."

The audience could not contain their astonishment that they gave her astanding ovation after "What Kind of Fool Am I." Who would not stand up andclap for her when she did that difficult song sitting on the ground? Theaudience's reaction made her speechless while she remained sitting there.


Having done more than 30 duets, Regine did the memorable ones. She hit 2birds with 1 stone here. She did not only honor the male artists shecollaborated with, she also ushered a new batch of male singers she recentlyand would soon work with. Regine sang "Please Be Careful with My Heart," "Forever," "It's Hard to Say Goodbye," "Magkasuyo Buong Gabi," "In Love withYou" and "Hanggang Ngayon" with Dennis Trillo, Jed Maddela, Gabby Eigenmann,Mark Bautista, Mark of Shamrock and Erik Santos respectively. All joined inin the song, "Muli." They were very mindful of each singer's musical abilitythat they were able to match the appropriate song to each of them gettingfavorable results. Dennis was the most popular while Jed gave the bestperformance among them.

In one of Regine's costume changes, they played a club mix of "ReasonEnough," "You've Made Me Stronger" and "Follow the Sun" to which MarkHerras, Migs Eugenio, Marky Cielo and KidsatWork danced to. Any enterprisingrecord company should take note of this segment for they can tap into a newmarket by releasing remixes of Regine's beautiful old songs.


Songs Regine considered special for they opened doors for her ensued. Shegave sincere and at the same time, powerful renditions of "Love Me Again"(her first single), "In Your Eyes," "And I'm Telling You (I'm Not Going)"and "You'll Never Walk Alone" (her contest pieces).

A few weeks before the show, I read the repertoire. I could not understandwhy there would be a spot number for "Bakit Ako Mahihiya" when it is not anoriginal song of Regine and it is already at the start. After hearing herspiel, I totally got it. The song was taught to her by her father for acontest when she was a kid so it is of great value to her. She shared to usthe hardships her parents endured when she was still an up-and-coming singerlike her mother pawning her wedding ring just to have money for Regine's andher father's transportation in going to t.v. guestings. Many were touchedwhen she tearfully said, "may'ron man akong konting sinakripisyo, okay lang'yon kasi malaking-malaki naman ang sinakripisyo n'yo para sa 'kin. I wantyou to know that I'm very proud to be your daughter and I thank God na kayoang pinili Niyang maging parents ko." Then she turned sentimental and sultryin singing the song.

In ending the show, she chose inspirational songs - "Greatest Love of All"and "I Believe" - that summed up her thoughts. The encore was "'Til I MetYou" that she sang beside her leading man (Robin Padilla) in the currentmovie of the same title.


Regine thanked everybody who had a part in her career. Unfortunately, theone who gave her a break in concerts (Gary Valenciano) was not there.Regine's first concert performance was in Gary's show. So Regine reallywished for Gary to be there. In fact, there was a solo spot number for himin the original repertoire. It was quite sad that he could not participatein such a momentous event.

Walking around the Araneta Coliseum after the show, I saw many adolescents exiting the venue. It was like seeing myself for it was in that stage (puberty) that Regine first caught my attention. That was 19 years ago. If Regine continues to give her best in every performance like what she did in the concert, I am pretty sure that she will always have the admiration of not just the people at present but also of future generations.

Stage Direction: Regine Velasquez and Ronnie HenaresMusical
Direction: Raul Mitra, Louie Ocampo, Tats Faustino, Gerard Salonga, Mark Lopez and Prof. Arturo Molina
Musicians: Manila Symphony Orchestra II
Band: Bond Samson, Cesar Aguas, Sonny Matias, Tek Faustino, Miong ?
Guests: U.P. Singing Ambassadors conducted by Ed Mangan, Wyeth ProgiftedKids (Joseph Valdes, Paulina Gutierrez, Pocholo Gutierrez and Jacob Sarreal), Dennis Trillo, Jed Maddela, Gabby Eigenmann, Mark Bautista, Markof Shamrock and Erik SantosDancers: Hotlegs, Mark Herras, Migs Eugenio, Marky Cielo and Kids at Work

Source! Blog Widget by LinkWithin2net RVML/ Photos by Mr. Rafael Siscar III / Video Owners

Thank you! -adm

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Regine Velasquez wants to be a hands-on mom, still unsure of showbiz return after giving birth

Tila nawiwili si Regine Velasquez sa pagiging homebody ngayon dahil sa kanyang pagbubuntis. Ayon sa Asia's songbird, depende ang kanyang showbiz comeback sa kanyang pangangatawan.

Marami ang natuwa nang masilayan si Regine Velasquez sa mini-concert at launch ng Ogie Alcasid OPM fragrances ng Bench noong September 30 sa SM Mall Of Asia. Bihira na kasing makita ng publiko ang songbird mula nang i-anunsyo nito ang pagbubuntis niya noong Abril sa programang Party Pilipinas. Miss na miss na nga siya ng kanyang fans.

Pero nami-miss ba ni Regine ang showbiz? "Hindi masyado," bulalas ng multi-awarded singer. "Of course, I miss hosting. I miss singing. I miss performing. Pero at the same time, I also like the rest that I've been getting now. "Kasi I realized, you know, since I started, I never really rested.

In all my 25 years [in showbiz], I never really rest. "So it's only now that [I am doing it]. So I'm enjoying it. But medyo naiinip kaya ako pinapasyal ng asawa ko." Nabanggit ni Regine na madalas silang namamasyal sa mall ngayon ng asawang si Ogie bilang pampalipas oras. "I'm advised naman to walk around, e. Pero ngayon medyo hirap na kong maglakad, e," kuwento ni Regine. Halos walong buwan na ang kanyang ipinagbubuntis at inaasahan siyang manganak by December.

Pinag-uusapan pa nila ng kanyang asawa kung ano'ng petsa iluluwal ang batang papangalanan nilang Nathaniel James. Caesarean kasi ang magiging delivery ni Regine kaya pwede nilang piliin ang magiging birth date ng anak. Sobrang excited na nga ang mag-asawang Alcasid na makita ang kanilang baby. Subalit wala silang gaanong paghahandang ginawa para sa pagdating ng bata. Makailang beses na daw kasing nabigyan ng baby shower si Regine ng kanyang mga kaibigan. Hindi na rin daw sila nagpagawa ng nursery room para sa bata. "He's gonna stay with us so hindi na kami nagpagawa ng nursery. Hindi naman niya magagamit so hindi na lang. Practical lang," aniya. Dagdag pa ni Regine, "Hindi kami kukuha ng yaya. Ako muna, kasi parang sayang naman 'di ba? Formative years 'yon, e. "Saka sandali lang 'yon. Sayang naman. So, although sinasabihan ako ng asawa ko na 'Mahihirapan ka. Mahihirapan ka.' Pero ina-anticipate ko na."

Ukol naman sa pagbabalik-showbiz matapos manganak, ito ang naging pahayag ni Regine:

"Depende. I want to breastfeed [him]. If my body mag-ano naman siya, yung umayon naman sa 'kin, and if I lose all the weight that I've gained, then I will be back."

More photos of the said event CLICK ME

Source! PEP.ph/ photo by Abante

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Party Pilipinas 'Idol' OPM Hits presents Regine Velasquez's Songs 100211

The OPM balladeers of Party Pilipinas render a string of Asia’s Songbird’s most remembered hits.

vid by nlizmrcl
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Ogie Alcasid says he and wife Regine Velasquez are swamped with gifts for the baby

Naging open din si Ogie Alcasid sa pagsagot sa tanong kung natural ba ang naging paraan ng pagkaka-conceive sa baby nila ni Regine.
"It is really a blessing.  From day one, ito po ay natural.  Siyempre, marami ang nagsasabi dahil matanda na kami.  Yes, we're kumbaga, noong dumating kami sa puntong yun, we probably tried it, but it came and God blessed us and God blessed us with a baby boy,"
he says.

Ogie Alcasid says he and wife Regine Velasquez are swamped with gifts for the baby: "Ultimo crib, pati stroller, car seat, hindi na kami bumili!" 

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 Nagmistulang concert ang ginanap na launching ng two new scents ng Bench perfume, ang OPM Gold at OPM Platinum ni Ogie Alcasid sa SM MOA activity center yesterday, September 30. Iba't-ibang OPM songs, mostly Ogie's hits, ang inihandog niya sa mga nanood at sumuporta sa launching ng kanyang sariling line of perfume na maari nang mabili sa mga Bench outlets ngayon. As we all know, malapit sa puso ni Ogie ang OPM kaya hindi nakakapagtatakang ito ang napiling ipangalan sa perfume niya. Isa sa mga advocacy ni Ogie ang OPM (Original Pinoy Music) bilang presidente ng organisasyon, kaya naman some of the proceeds of the perfume will go to OPM. Ayon kay Ogie, OPM also means, "Ogie's Personal Musk" or "Ogie Pogi, Mabango." Dagdag pa niya na napapanahon na daw ang pag-launch ng OPM perfume. "Ang OPM Fair is on October 11. So, tamang-tama yung timing kasi, last year pa ito dapat," aniya. "We started the research [on the perfume] siguro four months ago. Siyempre, amoy-amoy rito, amoy-amoy roon. Yung packaging, gusto ko talaga yung packaging... very attractive. At kapag nakita mo naman yung bottle at saka yung box, very attractive. It's worth it."

Marami rin daw dahilan kung bakit pangalang OPM ang pinili niya instead of his own name na lang. "Maraming dahilan. Noong una, I wanted something that's close to my heart. Tapos, OPM is the organization that I'm helping and Ogie Pogi Mabango," natatawang biro pa niya. We told Ogie na may nagpapatanong kung ano raw ba talaga ang plano niya since most of his endeavors now are free. Yung ibang ginagawa niya is purely to help different causes at isa na nga dito ang Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-Aawit (OPM). "Well, hindi naman free ang pabango, 'no?

Yes, wala akong kikitain, but kailangan kasi ng OPM ng funds. So, this is one of the ways na naisip ko para makatulong, so, maraming salamat sa Bench, 'di ba? "Actually, right now, siyam yung advocacies naming mag-asawa. OPM is just one of them. Wala eh, nasimulan na naming mag-asawa ang tumulong at masarap naman, e. "It feels good when you help and at the same time, yung pabango, hindi lang siya basta-basta pabango. Kapag binili mo, nakakatulong ka pa." Definitely, flattered and happy raw siya maging isa sa mga celebrity endorsers ng Bench. In fact, during his launch, ilang beses din binangit ni Ogie na kahanay lang daw niya as perfume endorsers ay sina Dingdong Dantes, Piolo Pascual, at Richard Gutierrez. "I'm very honored na sa edad ko, napagbigyan pa ako to be part of a family, a company that believes in excellence and believes in beauty. I'm glad that I'm part of that," aniya. Biro naman namin kay Ogie bilang Bench endorser, isa na rin ba siya sa rarampa sa underwear show nito every other year sa Araneta Coliseum? Natatawang sagot naman niya, "Huwag naman. Huwag naman. Hindi ko na keri yun."

REGINE'S APPEARANCE. One of the highlights din ng launching ng perfume ni Ogie last night sa SM MOA ay ang pagdating ng kanyang misis na si Regine Velasquez. Malaki na ang tiyan nito pero buong-buo pa rin ang suporta sa kanya. Two months na nga lang daw at makikita na nila ang kanilang baby boy na si Nathaniel James.

"Two months na lang at yung two months na yun, talagang... buti nga ngayon, dumating ang asawa ko at talagang gusto lang niya akong suportahan. But really, she's just resting lang."

Nagbiro naman si Ogie nang tanungin namin kung kumpleto na ba sila ng gamit for their baby.

"Oo, hanggang college nabili na namin."

Truth is, ang dami raw nagbibigay ng mga gamit ng baby.

"Totoo 'yan.  Ultimo crib, pati stroller, car seat, hindi na kami bumili."

BABY WILL SLEEP WITH THEM. What about the nursery room, naka-ready na rin ba?

"Hindi, sa kuwarto naman siya matutulog."

Sa interview naman kay Regine, nagpahayag ito na kung ito ang masusunod, ayaw raw nitong kumuha ng yaya but instead, siya ang mismong mag-aalaga sa kanilang anak.

Ayon naman kay Ogie, "Ako, kung ano ang gusto niya. Hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan siya magre-rest. Pero ako, kung ano ang gusto niya, doon ako.

"Although, hindi pa namin napag-uusapan. Hindi pa niya iniisip. Mas iniisip niya yung pagdating ng baby."

May pagbabago ba sa pagsasama nila?

"Siyempre, siyempre. Ako ang nagta-trabaho ngayon.  Siyempre, pag-uwi ko, nandiyan na ang baby. Mag-aalaga rin naman ako."

Matagal bago nasundan ang pagiging daddy ni Ogie from his previous marriage with ex-wife na si Michelle Van Eimeren kunsaan, parehong malalaki na ang dalawang anak niya.

May feeling of parang, nanganganay ba siyang muli sa baby nila ngayon ni Regine?

Natatawang sabi naman ni Ogie, "Well, siyempre, hindi na ako bumabata.  Hindi na ganoon ang lakas ko.  But, I'm very, very excited. Really, really excited.  Alam niyo, kapag nagkakaroon ng baby, alam naman nating lahat that it's a blessing.

"Kapag nagkakaroon ng baby, masaya, e.  Buong pamilya masaya. Mga lolo, lola, mga kapatid namin masaya, mga pinsan, so, it's gonna be a great, great Christmas."

May difference ba sa feeling, expecting his third baby?

"Pareho lang siyempre, but ngayon na lalaki, medyo siyempre, nandoon ako sa, ano ba ang kailangan kong gawin? Iba ang lalaki, 'di ba? Sabi nila, mas madali raw alagaan ang lalaki. Ang babae, lilinisin mo pang mabuti.  Ang lalaki, kahit marumi, okay lang."

SCIENCE OR NATURE? Naging open din si Ogie sa pagsagot sa tanong kung natural ba ang naging paraan ng pagkaka-conceive sa baby nila ni Regine. Hindi maitatanggi na may ilan na nagsasabi or nag-iisip na through science or medicine kung kaya raw nabuntis ang asawa.

Pero ayon nga kay Ogie, "No, no, no.  It is really a blessing.  From day one, ito po ay natural.  Siyempre, marami ang nagsasabi dahil matanda na kami.  Yes, we're kumbaga, noong dumating kami sa puntong yun, we probably tried it, but it came and God blessed us and God blessed us with a baby boy."

Plano pa rin ba nilang sundan ang kanilang baby boy?

"Ako, game ako," natatawa niyang sabi. "Pero siyempre, one at a time. Hindi na rin naman kami ganoon kabata, so, one at a time."

Source! Noel Orsal/pep.ph

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