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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sun Life Financial: Experience Love

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MANILA, Philippines - Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez’s firstborn Nate is already having a taste of the celebrity life, getting his first endorsement deal at four months old.

The STAR caught up with Alcasids at their photo shoot with lensman to the stars Raymund Isaac for Sun Life Financial-Philippines, their first product endorsement deal as a family. Baby Nate was all smiles and laughing, seemingly enjoying the flurry of action going around him.

Ogie said, “Yes, lately, he’s a very secure baby. He loves being around people.”

After Baby Nate’s first public appearance in his parents’ successful Mr. & Mrs. A concert last February, the showbiz power couple agreed to have Baby Nate star in the newest Sun Life Financial advertising campaign, which also includes a TVC titled Experience Love.

Explained Ogie, “I think the big reason why we agreed to it is the fact that we’re with him. In the beginning, my wife was reluctant. But with things that would involve the (whole) family, I think it’s okay.”

They are also believers of life insurance. “You have to be prepared especially if anything happens to me or my wife, at the same time, (it gives) security,” said Ogie.

Regine, for her part, said, “I didn’t really believe in life insurance before. I used to think what do you need it for? (That changed when) I gave birth. I realized that we’re (not getting any younger) and by the time he gets to what age — 18? — ilang taon na rin kami by then. So I thought it’s a good idea really. Secure kami na may maiiwan sa kanya, hindi yung tipong magbabayad pa siya ng utang namin, yun yung nagiging kawawa di ba? At least he’s covered. You know, we have to be practical.”

Regine, who’s breastfeeding Baby Nate full-time, has no plans of returning to work anytime soon.

“She’s the best mom. I can now realize how great a mom she could be, because before si George (pet dog) lang inaalagaan nya,” Ogie described Regine. “But you know, (she’s) overly cautious to my taste, but I guess that’s how moms are. There are things about moms that we (men) don’t have, but I guess they see things differently. Men or dads are like, okay na yan, ganun na yan! But I learned to let the mom do her thing. So you know, ours is a family unique in a way (since) well, we’re both in showbiz but we managed to have a normal family life.”

“Although my wife is a fan of Twitter and Instagram, I don’t see anything wrong in that,” added Ogie, referring to the issue wherein Regine reacted to some netizens “bashing” a picture of Baby Nate that Regine posted on her social media accounts.

Regine recalled, “I was just shocked. Madaling araw yon nung nakita ko. Actually, the way I said it naman, hindi ko sya pinagalitan. Di ko sya inaway. I just said that if you want to bash somebody, let it be me since I can choose to fight or be quiet because the baby doesn’t have a choice.”

Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez with their son Nate star in the new Sun Life commercial
Ogie said that with Regine being active online only goes to show “that my wife is a really simple person, and (pictures of Baby Nate) are the things that she shares about. And I don’t see anything wrong with sharing your blessings to people, seeing God’s love shining through our family and through her maternal instincts. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think it’s great!”

Meanwhile, apart from daddy duties, Ogie is busy pushing forward original Pilipino music as the head of the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit. Recently, he launched OPM2Go, an online store established to serve Pinoy artists, musicians and music lovers.

For only P10 to P15, anybody can download songs from www.OPM2GO.com . These are songs released under Vicor, Viva and Universal Records plus indie artists/labels that don’t have the financial power to promote albums, package or market them. The revenue share will go directly to the artists.

Aside from his Boy Pick-Up the movie (inspired after his Bubble Gang character), Ogie will also be part of a musical based on the music of the APO Hiking Society, together with Gary Valenciano, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Eugene Domingo, Sam Concepcion, among others. -Philstar

Behind the scenes:

photo by chedren
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1 comment:

  1. Have you seen regine and ogie's new insurance commercial? I find it irresponsible of them to endanger the life of their baby by placing it in the middle of their bed. What if ogie rolled over and crushed his baby while sleeping? God forbid if regine did the same, the baby would be killed instantly because she's as big as a truck. These people should be aware of this since they are so rich and information is at their fingertips. Ogie is also well educated. The people behind this commercial should also be punished because viewers might copy what these two ignorant people are doing on screen. For shame.