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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid: Happy about Being a Mom, Dotes on Baby Nate

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Asia's Songbird says being a first-time mom can be scary, but she's excited all the same.

Singer-actress Regine Velasquez spoke about being a new mom in a phone patch interview on variety show Party Pilipinas on November 20, PEP.ph reports. Her husband, Ogie Alcasid, had just sung the song he had written for their baby, called "Aking Anak," on the show. Photos of baby Nathan James were also revealed to the public for the first time in a slideshow playing in the background.

A cheerful Regine revealed that baby Nate was doing fine, and so was she. "I'm very happy and nakakatuwa 'yong baby ko. Una ko siyang nakita, sabi ko, 'Saan galing 'yan? Bakit mukhang foreigner?' Mukha kasing foreigner, e. Basta ang lagi lang sinasabi, even my sisters and brother, ang tangos daw ng ilong. (I'm very happy, and my baby makes me happy. When I first saw him, I said, 'Where did he come from? Why does he look like a foreigner?' He really does look like a foreigner. Everyone always says, even my sisters and brother, that he has a high-bridged nose.)"

She also said she and Ogie didn't know who baby Nate looked like, but she added that he seemed to have inherited her dad's long feet and Ogie's bright eyes.

As for officially being a mom now, Regine said it makes her happy and scared at the same time. "Parang I don't know what to do with the baby. Sana I'm doing it right."

Ogie immediately told his wife on air that she had great maternal instincts. "Galing mo, hon, galing mo! (You're doing great, hon, you're doing great!)" He had tears in his eyes when Regine replied, speaking about how much she relied on him.

Regine will be taking a break from the industry in the meantime to focus on being a mom and losing some of the baby weight she'd gained. She and Ogie are scheduled to have a concert together in February.

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