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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Her happily ever after begins...

    Once upon a time in a far-off land, there lived a little girl who did not have so much money, but had big dreams and a bigger heart…The little girl turned night into days as she worked so hard to reach every goal she has made and to fulfill all her dreams in life.There were monsters along the way who tried to hinder her from getting to her destination but this little girl had a golden heart which turned those monsters into glitters and problems into lessons. And, she had a voice that lured people to love her. Time went on and the little girl became the most famous songstress in the land.

She has been given too many accolades in her life, titles such as the prime diva, multimedia superstar, Philippines’ finest. But one thing is certain, the so-called Asia’s Songbird would, without batting an eyelash, trade all those for a title more gratifying than any other this world has ever called her, and that would be to be called a MOTHER.

Everyone would agree that Regine Velasquez is indeed one of the most successful artists of her time. She is celebrated by many, adored by her legions of supporters and emulated by today’s aspiring artists. She’s a living testament that when you work hard and pray harder your dreams will come true. Her tale of rags-to-riches is among the very few inspiring stories we’ve all heard about and somehow all rave about. She’s a modern day Cinderella who used her talent to take her family out of that tiny house near the market in Bulacan, the probinsyana who sang her way to victory.

And after more than two decades in the glitz and glamour industry, people would think that she already has everything and could get anything she could ever want at any given time. But what most of us did not realize is that even if she seemed content and complete, she really wasn’t… until November 8, 2011. The day she breathe life to her son, that was the beginning of the most important role she could ever play. After all, as the saying would always go, “The essence of being a woman is to become a mother.”

The moment which all those who love her have prayed for has finally arrived. Becoming the most famous Filipina singer is not a miracle; I believe that it was a mere coincidence. Giving birth to her child is her miracle; and what great wonder it is to bring life to this world.
Stepping up on the stage and seeing thousands of people staring at her in awe could never surmount the ecstasy of holding her own flesh and blood while feeling his heart beat next to hers. And maybe love at first sight really is true. And you wonder how much you could love someone you only see for the first time, how you could feel eternal bliss next to a stranger you would soon call your own. And somehow that precise moment you would realize that finally everything makes sense, each piece of the puzzle fits perfectly and life has become even more meaningful.

We all share in her happiness as she finally receives the greatest trophy she could hold. Motherhood is so beautiful for it is a lifelong journey of sorts; and how more beautiful can it become now that Regine Velasquez is traversing through it. And maybe now we can say that finally the little girl’s dream all came true, and now she is complete. Of all the songs that she could sing, nothing could compare to the joy of singing her child to sleep, of humming to him while looking at him like she never looked at anybody else that way.
And the Queen, together with her knight and little prince, live happily ever after…

Shared to us by Ms. Remz Marie Cuarto (@RemzMarie) Thank you  for sharing this one! -adm

Posted Friday 11th November 2011 from Twitlonger
    Photos added by mon1enararauno

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1 comment:

  1. Masaya ako sa pagsilang ni NJ. That's how regine means a lot in my life. well-written fairy tale na real life. touching naman ang panulat.