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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is Now 9 Months Pregnant!

"Now I perfectly understand how it feels to be an expectant Mom, and this is one experience I couldn't trade for something else !" -Regine

Now on its full term!

267-280 days
38-42 weeks (average. 40 weeks)
9 calendar months
10 lunar months
3 trimesters

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Are you all excited Reginians? See how time flies as our Songbird Regine now reached her last month of pregnancy.

Third Trimester: Period of rapid fetal growth because. of rapid deposition of fats, iron and calcium.

Regine Velasquez is due to give birth (via Caesarian section) between the dates November 20 to December 10.

How is Nathaniel James doing in Regine's womb?

His length is approx. 330-360mm and weights 2700-3400 gms.
His face and body has a loose wrinkled appearance because of subcutaneous fat deposit.
His face is usually lump and lanugo disappears.
His nails reach fingertip edge.
Amniotic fluid decreases.
Increase development. Sole of the foot have already increased and theres a good chance of survival.

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  1. IMY regine na mg perform s PARTY PILIPINAS....

  2. have a safe delivery Ms. Regine :)
    at last, you're gonna have your baby na,
    and I bet that you're gonna be a great mother to baby nate.
    I love you songbird !