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Friday, August 19, 2011

'I Heart You Pare' Original DVDs Now Available

Starring Regine Velasquez and Dingdong Dantes

3 Volumes available with English subtitles.
Please click the 'Volume'of your choice for details regarding the purchase from Kabayan Central.

Also available in all record stores nationwide.

"I ♥ You Pare" Volumes 1 to 3 are now available in Astroplus, Astrovision, Odyssey, SM Music and Video and The Landmark outlets nationwide for only Php225 per volume.

Buy original!

Volume 1
Tonya is a simple girl who lives a quiet & contented life in Vigan. She grew up with her uncle Cesar/Sarsi, who owns and manages a funeral home. Kenneth on the other hand is an impulsive guy from Manila who always seems to get on the wrong side of his father. Kenneth gets so upset after learning that his love interest Nikki was paired-up by his father to his older brother Ramon. While nursing his broken heart, Kenneth fortuitously meets Tonya. A car accident which kills a young lady changes Tonya's life. She is pushed into hiding after being pursued by the young lady's gangster boyfriend on a mistaken conclusion that she caused her death. Tonya's uncle Cesar/Sarsi decides to take her to Manila. And to keep Tonya safer from her pursuers, Uncle Cesar/Sarsi and his gay friends help Tonya disguise herself as a cross dresser by the name of Tonette. They take her to Club Love, a club with a top class act that features musical numbers performed by talented transvestites. As it turns out, Club Love is managed by Kenneth's aunt who recently hires him as a co-manager. Will Kenneth recognize Tonette as Tonya, the girl he met in Vigan? Or will he see her as nothing but a drag performer?

Volume 2
Tonette was walking on her way to the parlor one night when, suddenly, a group of drinking men starts making fun of her. Luckily, Kenneth saves her from these rude men and gives her a ride home. Tonette's uncle, decides that Tonette should stay in Club Love for her safety. Vodka, Club Love's star performer envies Tonette for becoming the new drag queen. He gets very insecure and is disappointed when he finds out that Tonette will be staying with them in their room for the meantime. For him the room is too small for the two of them. Vodka annoys Tonette by making fun of her. This pushes Mama Marita, owner of the Club Love, to transfer Tonette to another room. Kenneth and Tonette now become roommates. Meanwhile, Sonny Boy is still eager to find Tonya. Polly, Tonette's bestfriend, decides to follow Tonya to Manila. She feels it isn't safe for her to stay in Vigan since she's always being followed by Sonny Boy's men. There is annual physical examination for all Club Love performers. Will Tonette's secret identity be revealed? How will Kenneth react if he finds out that his roommates is actually a woman?

Volume 3
Kenneth is in denial that he's beginning to like Tonette. He doesn't like the idea that he's falling in love with a gay like her. He avoids Tonette and doesn't want to talk to her. He then forces Tonette to become a man, and Tonette agrees with what he wants. She dresses as a man for them to become friends again. She undergoes serious training with Kenneth. He provides certain rules for her to follow, in order to become a real man. She is not allowed to speak gay language anymore, and she is not allowed to talk to any gay performers in the club. Her name is also changed from Tonette to Tony Boy. Meanwhile, Sonny Boy and his gang become so aggressive in finding Tonya that they even harass Tonya's friend, Joel. Sonny Boy decides to go to Manila to continue searching for Tonya. Joel then follows Tonya to Manila to warn her about Sonny Boy's arrival. On the other hand, Mandy, Sonny Boy's sister who is obsessed with Kenneth, discovers where Kenneth stays and find him. Kenneth then promises to take Mandy out on a date, but in reality, plans to send Tonette aka Tony Boy in his place. Tonette, feeling that Kenneth has a surprise in store for her, agrees too, unaware that Mandy is the real date. But Tonette, dressed up as Tony Boy, finds out soon enough. Mandy decides to focus her feelings towards Tony Boy instead, since Kenneth doesn't seem to care for her. Now that Tonette is Tony Boy, will she still performed in Club Love? How long does she need to dress up as a man? What will happen if Mandy introduces Tony Boy to her brother Sonny Boy? Will Sonny Boy recognized her as Tonya? How long will she keep hiding for her real identity from the notorious Sonny Boy and his gang?

vid by/ Uploaded by byTalmage4DY

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