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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Regine's 3rd Recipe to Share: 'Sibasib'

Sibas with pasta

I love sibas at imbinto lang to, here are the ingredients;


Rock salt

Ground pepper

Olive oil

Here's how:

Wipe dry the sibas Then put a pinch of rock salt. Then add in some ground peppers. Then drizzle with olive oil

Then prepare frying pan and sear sibas until slightly golden brown ( when you sear put in the skin part first.. Why? Wala lang type ko lang) After searing pour it in a baking pan then drizzle with some lemmon juice then cover pan with foil. Preheat oven to 350degree celsius and bake for 2-5mins... Preparation and cooking time 10-15mins...

Sibasib sauce:




Olive oil


In a hot pan, saute' 1tsp garlic and 1tsp ginger, then add in chopped tomatoes and basil, then season with salt and pepper...do not saute' it too much we do not want the tomatoes to break, just enough to marry all the flavors....

For the pasta.

Any pasta (angel hair)



Salt and pepper

First drain capers, and if posible pat it dry so when we saute it it will become a bit crunchy... On a hot pan put 2tbsp of olive oil, then put in your capers until it becomes a little bit crunchy but be careful wag mo sunugin te, then add in 2tbsp of minced garlic, when its a bit golden brown add in your pasta then add some more olive oil and then season it with salt and pepper...


In a plate curl fork in the pasta enough to make a cup size, then put your sibas on top, then topped with the sauce mixture, then garnished with basil or mint.

This dish was invented for my honey who's always on a diet. Mahirap pakainin si Owdi Almasen te.

Gaya nang dati,pakinggan,masdan,langhapin,at higit sa lahat tikman.

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