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Full House Tonight!
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Full House Tonight
Saturday Nights after Magpakailanman

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

REGINE, is that you??

There are many impersonators of different divas whether internationally or locally. Whether they try to copy the looks, the voice or both.

Impersonators entertain us in such a different way and it's hard especially through comedy but amaze us that they really have the power, guts and good techniques to copy a "Diva" especially "gay" impersonators whose voice/looks match a lot to the "diva" they imitate...

Regine Velasquez is really an inspiration to every one of us, we are a fan who really see to it that we are updated and we want to listen to her songs.

Regine is an ICON to everyone of us, male or female, young as 3 years old and rich or poor.

Regine as an "ultimate icon", many fans of Regine sing songs of their idol but not through imitating every word, timbre and vocal acrobatics of Regine.

For sure Regine herself appreciates those who impersonate her...

Here are three of many impersonators of Regine, they are really fans of the songbird and they are so talented!!

It's up to you to decide!!!

The Voices

Anton Diva

vid by crybabyboy

Jason V. Diva

vid by andrey2004

The Looks

Mavey Cleofas

vid by abbey182

Watch their shows live in different comedy bars to prove that they all have the guts to be a Songbird!!

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1 comment:

  1. Cool site... Luvs it!

    Lets hope these Million Regine Fans would keep supporting REGINE and all her projects: movies, music, Tv shows, and concerts through and through!!!

    and I sure hope REGINE VELASQUEZ + UNIVERSAL RECORDS would come up with "LOW KEW" special LIVE Concert Dvd release this 2009 and a New follow up album "HIGH KEY" in 2010???!!! they have to... they shud do it... its A MUST!!!

    Also, They better include some NEW ORIGINAL SONGS in the New Album... NO MORE Cover Remake songs Please! Cuz there's way too many, too much Cover songs out there... Its too Ridiculous to listen to!?! WE have tons of Talented FILIPINO Songwriters out there who could write/create something NEW and BETTER songs for Our One and Only True Legendary ASIA ULTIMATE POP QUEEN DIVA SONGBIRD, REGINE VELAQUEZ!!!

    Oh yeah, Lets hope there's Follow Up NEW MOVIES "Team Up" with AGA MULACH, ROBIN PADILLA, DINGDONG DANTES and PIOLO PASCUAL once again... We would luv to see 4-more NEW HOT BLOCKBUSTER HIT Movies from REGINE few more times before she Retire, right!?!

    Dont YOU all agree??? Yep. Anyway Blah. Thanks!