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Sunday, July 12, 2009

...more about Are you the Next Big Star? and Regine....Most Requested plus a whole lot more!

What makes a star for Regine Velasquez..With more than two decades in the entertainment business, Regine Velasquez has earned for herself many titles – a Diva, Asia’s Songbird and a Concert Queen among others. But the title that all Filipinos have for her is that Regine Velasquez is simply a star!

But what makes a star or a big star for that matter?

The initial reply of Regine Velasquez, who also hosts the GMA-7 star search TV show aptly entitled “Are You The Next Big Star?” aired every Saturday night, is a dumbfounded look and a shrug after groping for an answer.

“Ang hirap kasing ma-define what a star is,” she quipped. “I really don’t know how to answer that. Paano ba? Are you born to be a star and that’s your destiny? Or do you grow into it and you develop it? I don’t know how or what makes a big star.”

Among the essential ingredients though that she sees fit in becoming a star is first having the talent or gift from God of singing.

“So it is really up to you how you use it. Maraming nagsasabi na yung star daw ay may ‘it’ or ‘X-factor’ but we don’t really know what that is,” she sighed. She added that having the right “personality” in the business is also a big factor in becoming a star because it would translate to how the people would relate to a talent or singer. She believes that there are many talented singers in the country but not everyone is given the opportunity to be called a “star.”

“I’m not saying I’m a star but to get where I am now, it wasn’t an easy thing for me to do. Dusa talaga,” she smiled. “It was fun and it was okay because I felt I had to go through that for me to also enjoy and appreciate what I have. Pero I don’t know really what happened to me, siguro isang araw people would start relating to me.”

She recalled that first she was just doing concerts and she was most of the time, of course, far from the people she was singing to because she was on the stage. So she knew people couldn’t relate well to her because they were far from each other. Then she started doing movies and then she had music videos where people could see her more closely. Then she was given the chance to host “SOP” which was a variety show and more people related well to her.

“It’s really a lot of factors in becoming a star. It really depends on the person. You have to exert effort to show what talents you have,” she said.

Does she feel that the contestants of “Are You The Next Big Star?” have the makings of being a “big star?”

“Kung potential lang, marami and kung talent lang, marami rin. It would really depend on them how they would use their talents. GMA Network naman talaga is giving them the chance. It’s really up to them,” she replied. “Isa-isa lang daw ang lumalabas na star per generation, yun ang sabi nila.”

on Regine...Most Requested

At the moment, what Regine is also busy with is her preparation for her upcoming concert entitled “Most R equested,” a two-night show at the Skydome, SM North EDSA set on Aug. 1 and 8.

Produced by Viva Concerts & Events, “Regine’s Most Resquested” is also deemed her homecoming to Viva. Vic del Rosario, CEO of Viva Communications, Inc., expressed, “Regine is a Viva star and she started her recording career with us right after she won in ‘Hamon Sa Kampeon’ in the ’80s. Viva was also instrumental in making her successful movies. It was also with us where she first hosted a talent show called ‘Star for a Night.’ We’re happy that she is kicking-off our series of shows at the Skydome of SM North EDSA.”

So what should people expect from her upcoming concert?

“These are the songs requested lagi sa radio, not necessarily my songs or mga songs requested for me to sing… we’re planning to do a tribute to Michael Jackson, after all his songs were also most requested before. Of course I’ll be singing some of my songs na most requested din sa akin,” she revealed.

She added that there will also be a repertoire of most requested band songs and she would like to have a repertoire of most requested “Pinoy Jukebox Songs” which she would like to sing with her special guest Eva Castillo whom she rediscovered recently. Eva Castillo and Regine were constant rivals in various amateur singing contests in the past.

Aside from her concert, she will also be doing a cameo in the movies “Kimy-Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme,” the launching movie of Eugene Domingo by Joyce Bernal and “Oh My Girl,” the film of her beau Ogie Alcasid and Judy Ann Santos from Regal Films. She would also be singing the theme song of “OMG.”

“Regine’s Most Requested” is the start of the Viva Concert series at SM North EDSA’s Skydome. Next in line will be “Back2Back: True Faith and South Border” on Aug. 7, then Basil Valdez and Joey Albert, Ladies of the ’90s (Geneva Cruz, Jessa Zaragosa, Rachel Alejandro and Roselle Nava), Rachelle Ann Go and Jed Madela among others.

source: www.mb.com.ph/ Walden Sadiri

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