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Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh My Girl! Plus The Themesong Sung by Regine!

“Oh My Girl” is the story of two childhood best friends who are separated by fate, only to be reunited years later, worlds apart.

At the local orphanage in the sleepy town of Taal, Batangas, lived two children Opao (Judy Ann Santos) and Biboy (Ogie Alcasid) who have been each other’s soul mate and best friend for as long as they can remember. Promising to stay together forever, Biboy even makes a song that would be their way of finding each other if ever they got separated. But the real world interferes and breaks their promise. And the two orphans are torn apart.

Opao is adopted by an ambitious spinster cum former starlet, Madam Annie, whose only wish was to have a daughter who could live her failed dreams of stardom. And so she molded Opao until the fat kid with a mole on her face is transformed into DARLING the hottest superstar of today’s generation.

Biboy on the other hand was also adopted by a star – a drag queen star famous in Sampaloc Metro Manila, Crisp Pop, who is touched by the boy’s story of losing his best friend. She took Biboy in her own home and gave him a simple, decent albeit unusually colorful life as her assistant in a costume and dress shop. Biboy eventually grows up to be a small entrepreneur, running his own cell phone repair business.And one thing fo sure, Biboy has never forgotten Opao, the first and last love of his life. As he grew older he began trying to find Opao–if not literally then figuratively. -more from noypitayo.com

REGINE VELASQUEZ - Walang Iba - OST of Oh My Girl!

Composed by: Ogie Alcasid
O.M.G (Oh My Girl)
Starring: Judy Ann Santos and Ogie Alcasid
With special participation of Regine Velasquez and Ms. Sharon Cuneta
directed by: Dante Nico Garcia
SOP Diary July 19, 2009
Walang Iba

vid by kay11butterfly

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