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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Regine Velasquez- Featured on KBS Channel (Korea)

Korean Channel KBS featured her in a documentary (documented year 2007)
Plus watch Regine speaking in Korean Language!!...(dubbed only)
Proud to be Pinoy!!

vid from: tappciee and original owner

translation by yoo_jaemin of RVML

The video clip is a part of 'Window of Asia' on KBS1.

The title is 'Singing Angels of the Philippines'
Regine Velasquez is one of the top singers in the Philippines.
She was no better than Melanie or Jessica. Her stardom and success
is all becaue of the result of her effort of joining more than 300
singing competitions all over the country.

Regine : "It was when my career started as a singer.
But I didn't made up my mind yet to be a
professional singer."

At first, she just sang for fun and had no idea for singing contests.

She was born without silver spoon and the eldest daugther of five
brothers&sisters. She was too poor to buy a TV so she used to peep
the TV of her neighborhood.

She says it's all because her parents that she became a singer.
Her parents took her wherever singing contests held and took her
singing lessons.

Regine : "Sometimes I won but failed to win more. But my father
always cheered me up so I wasn't disappointed. My father
used to say,'It's ok. You'll be the next winner' and
was cheering me up." So I didn't care when I didn't win.
I talked to myself, 'I didn't win this time but next
time I'll.'"

Her family is running a entertainment production and managing
talented young people now. She began to join the competition when
she was 6 years old. At that time, she felt so good at stage, so
she made her mind to be a singer. She took a chance when she joined
a nationwide TV show and could make a contract for albums.

Ida Ramos Henares : "When I began to work with Regine, she was 16.
She was a very cute and shy girl. She was very shy but at stage,
she really sang well. She got full voice and artistic talent too.
Her background wasn't interesting but she learned everything quickly
and was wery adaptive. I think that's why she is being loved so much
and she is a natural-born singer."

She has so many fans in the Philippines. She's preparing concert now.
She's famous for achieving stardom from having nothing. Regine
recorded a song with Jacky Cheung 13 years ago and she was nominated
a top female singer of asia.

Regine : "Top female singer of asia? It's too much praise for me.
But I felt a lot of responsibility too. I was afraid because it
means people expect more from me"

After many weeks of rehersal, she's ready and able to meet her fans
now. Her concert was totally sold-out and very much successful. The
young singers on the seat see hope and are stimulated too. 'If Regine
can do, then why not me?'

Regine : "Do Practice. There's no royal road but practice. It's
true. You really devote yourself, then your dreams will
come true. It's ok you dream, but you have to do something
first. Your dreams will not come ture without your
endeavor. You have to do your best to make your dreams
come true."

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