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Full House Tonight!
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Full House Tonight
Saturday Nights after Magpakailanman

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

.....more about 'Are You The Next Big Star?'

Are You The Next Big Star? is a reality competition to find two new solo musical talents, created and developed by GMA New Media, Inc.. It debuted on May 16, 2009 on GMA Network, and is hosted by Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez, with commedian-singer-actor Keempee de Leon as the co-host.

The program seeks to discover the best singer in the country through a series of nation-wide auditions. The public decides the outcomes of the later stages through text voting. The judges give critiques of the contestants' performances: Philippine's Concert Queen Pops Fernandez; pop singer Randy Santiago; renowned composers Danny Tan and Maon Faustino; and famed-vocal coach Annie Quintos.

The prizes at stake includes one million pesos (P 1,000,000), a management contract from GMA Artist Center and a recording contract from GMA Records. There will be two winners in the show: one male and one female.

The top 150 had been divided into two batches. The first batch performed one by one last May 16 while the second performed last May 23. The scores where divided into two parts 80% from the judges and 20% from the jury and the top 40 contenders with the highest scores moves to the second round.

Top 40
* Francis Zari Bilon (16 Years Old)
* Richard Del Pilar (22 Years Old)
* Zara Zaldua (17 Years Old)
* Jomar Del Pena (23 years Old)
* Kristell Llono (16 Years Old)
* Anthony Calvo (20 Years Old)
* Patricia Gerona (16 Years Old)
* Justin Francis (19 Years Old)
* Camille Cortez (19 Years Old)
* Charles Bunyi (22 Years Old)
* Lara Bayani (16 Years Old)
* PJ Gonzales (18 Years Old)
* Frencheska Farr (16 Years Old)
* Noel Sandino (17 Years Old)
* Monique Lualhati (18 Years Old)
* Febz Reyes (18 Years Old)
* Lucky Robles (23 Years Old)
* Denise Concepcion (16 Years Old)
* Jefferson Barte (20 years Old)
* VJ Caber (23 Years Old)
* Nikki Guevarra (22 Years Old)
* Geoff Taylor (22 Years Old)
* Shane Tarun (16 Years Old)
* Anton Cruz (16 Years Old)
* Kate Quijano (16 Years Old)
* Alex Castro (23 Years Old)
* Rachel Gabreza (16 Years Old)
* Marvin Ong (21 Years Old)
* Zyrene Parsad (23 Years Old)
* Loppo Maniquiz (21 Years Old)
* Alexa Ortega (19 Years Old)
* Greggy Santos (22 Years Old)
* Jaynell Calingo (18 Years Old)
* Bobby Solomon (17 Years Old)
* Cristine Allado (16 Years Old)
* Aljon Palafox (16 Years Old)
* Thara Therese (18 years Old) (withdrew)
* Miguel Orleans (22 Years Old)
* Cara Quiapos (16 Years Old)
* Jay Perillo (20 Years Old)

source: Wikipedia

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