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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Charice at the D4D Stage!!

I got the info from the comments of a YouTube video that Charice staged with the four divas esp. Regine. At first it was quite impossible for Charice to be a guest/surprise guest performer. Charice was an audience from the D4D 2nd leg show in Long Beach (the very last D4D show) and sources said that Regine called Charice to go up on stage just like what Regine did to Sarah Geronimo in the D4D concert here in the Philippines. Sources also said that Charice did a duet with Regine! Erik Santos,
who was also from the audience, also went up on stage to groove with the divas.

I think this will mark the end of the rivalry between fans of both sides and most of all the comparison between Regine and Charice esp. in YouTube. For mon1enararauno, they must not be compared at all. Regine is Regine. Charice has a diferent destiny (kapalaran) and Regine is happy for Charice's success as well. And to Charice, her inspiration is Regine, everyone's inspiration. They also differ in generation. Regine is marked already in all of us.

Here are the photos from Filamnation.com

pls. view also part 2....

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  1. To Mon1enararauno,

    Thanks for the stills and your very accurate comment. Regine has been in the limelight way ahead of Charice but they have different destinies. Regine is an inspiration of Charice and very well respected at that. SHe had had a very clear influence on Charice and for that her fans are really grateful and respect her as Charice herself would.

    I have never seen or noticed any personal animosity between the two and I feel the fans should follow. All I have seen is genuine respect, love and admiration between Regine and Charice and I pray that being from the same country and loving the same medium of communication, they both continue to prosper reach out to the millions of people with their talents and continue to share God's gift to them with all those who appreciate them.

    Hopefully one day, through their example (Regine's and Charice's), the filipinos will learn to rid themselves of that crablike character that prevents them from acting in unison for the benefit of their country. You are such a compassionate and intelligent nation and it just breaks my heart to see all these good things go to waste. The purpose of being blessed with such magnificent talents like Regine and Charice is undermined by senseless and selfish motives which is very ridiculuos and counter productive.

    In closing, I'd like to express my gratitude for giving Charice the recognition she deserves and my compliments and admiration for your spunk to take up the better position regarding these two and other divas of the Philippines. More power to you.


    ps. no video? I wish you had the video of this at least the part with Charice.

  2. http://adrianmanay.blogspot.com/2008/01/bakit-si-regine.html

    Kindly post my previous blog about Regine Velasquez. Thanks!

  3. HAHA!!! i love you regine!!!!! and sana!! may video ito!! para mapanmuod ko!!

  4. Thanks for the photos and video. I am glad to see Charice and Regine together on stage. Charice genuinely loves and respects her idol Regine. I commend Regine for acknowledging Charice's presence and Charice for supporting fellow Filipino artists show like this. I wish success for every Filipino artist who give their best in their craft and shares it selflessly, wishing co-artists same success as one would want for himself. I hope this event would end the non-sense rivalry being pulled-off by some of both Regine and Charice's fans.

  5. uie sna mag kron nng concert sina regine at charice sa araneta at sna mag world tour din cla.... im sure dami manuod nyan kikita talaga cla nng malaki aabangan talaga yan try nyo po sulit yan..............