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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wedding Invitation of Alcasid-Velasquez Nuptials!

more photos from the invitation HERE

Here's the beautiful wedding invitation of Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid. It’s a booklet containing several cards with breathtaking photos of the couple. Heartwarming Tagalog lines are printed on the inside front cover.

The principal sponsors are Vicki Belo, Sharon Cuneta, Mother Lily Monteverde, Ida Henares, Wilma Galvante, Amparito Lhuillier, Nanette Inventor, Rosario Legarda, Anastacia Puno, Crisanta Villanueva, Jose Mari Chan, Felipe Gozon, Ronnie Henares, Orlando Ilacad, Michel Lhuillier, German Moreno, Manny Pangilinan, Vic del Rosario, Freddie Santos and Antonio Tuviera.

In lieu of gifts, the couple’s request is for guests to donate to any of their favorite charitable institutions: C.U.R.E. Child Foundation, Childhope Asia Philippines, Bridges Foundation Inc., Gawad Kalinga and Operation Smile Philippines.

Reg and Ogie are starting their new life together by sharing their blessings because their hearts runneth over with love and joy. They are the sum total of all the love songs they ever sang and all the prayers they’ve ever prayed.

Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dec. 15, 2010
Wedding Invite by Dolly Anne Carvajal

vid by Universalrecph



Bible Bearer: Sarah Kate van Eimeren Alcasid.

Ring Bearer: James Roque.

Vow Bearers: George and John.

Candle Bearers: Mr. Mark Morrow and Mrs. Michelle Morrow.

Flower Girls: Charlize Jolene Velasquez, Sabriya Ramsey Gotidoc, Isabella Gianna Danielle Sese and Elisha Pineda.


Mr. Jose Mari Chan, Ms. Victoria Belo, Mr. Felipe Gozon, Ms. Sharon Cuneta, Mr. Ronnie Henares, Mrs. Ida Henares, Mr. Orlando Ilacad, Mrs. Wilma Galvante, Mr. Michel Lhuillier, Mrs. Amparito Lhuillier, Mr. German Moreno, Ms. Nanette Inventor, Mr. Manny Pangilinan, Mrs. Ma. Rosario Legarda, Mr. Vic del Rosario, Mrs. Lily Monteverde, Mr. Freddie Santos, Ms. Anastacia Puno, Mr. Antonio Tuviera and Mrs. Crisanta Villanueva.

Best Man: Mr. Antonio Alcasid.

Maid of Honor: Ms. Leila Isabel van Eimeren Alcasid.

Groomsmen: Pres. Benigno Aquino III, Mr. Jose Roberto Adriano, Mr. Fernando Avanzado, Mr. Ruben Lugtu, Mr. Jose Avelino Flores, Mr. J. Antonio Nazareno, Mr. Beethoven Bunagan, Mr. Janno Gibbs and Mr. Archimedes Castillo.

Bridesmaids: Ms. Svetlana Tasha Mitra, Ms. Janelle Amanda Avanzado, Ms. Leanna Julia Mitra, Ms. Yleina Ezri Mitra, Ms. Alliyah Roque, Ms. Alannah Kirsten Mitra, Ms. Maria Brianna Bunagan, Ms. Michaela Celine Adriano and Ms. Nicole Diane Manieo Flores.


Which Wedding are NY Pinoys More Excited About?
by Ricardo F. Lo

Did you know that many Pinoy New Yorkers are more excited about the Ogie Alcasid-Regine Velasquez wedding on Dec. 22 at the Punta Fuego Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas, than the April 2011 royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Westminster Abbey in London?

“Yes, it’s true,” confirmed Funfare’s Big Apple correspondent Edmund Silvestre (of The Filipino Reporter). “You know how we Filipinos are, we love our own.”

Another reason is that one of the Pinoy New Yorkers, Dr. Rosario “Ching” Ojeda Legarda of Westchester County, New York, is one of the wedding’s principal sponsors.

Dr. Legarda, who is Tita Ching to all, has been a major concert producer in the US since the late ’80s, when she, along with her husband Dr. Ramon “Tito Mon” Legarda, and her cousins Alicia Ojeda Martinez and husband Redentor Martinez, established Lemar International, a group credited with numerous top-caliber Filipino concerts that remain unmatched up to this day. (When Lemar was dissolved in the late ’90s, the Legardas put up Group Ole, while the Martinezes created Re-Al Entertainment.)

It was through Lemar that Tita Ching met Regine and that paved the way for the very first US concert of the then fast-rising teenage belter at the world-famous Carnegie Hall in October 1991. It gave Regine the honor of being the first Filipino — at age 19 — to stage a solo performance at the main hall of Carnegie Hall, “even beating Tony and Laurence Olivier-winner Lea Salonga to that feat,” said Edmund.

Edmund added that Tita Ching and Tito Mon would always tell an anecdote about Regine not being able to sneak into a New York bar because she was underage.

“Regine’s Carnegie Hall concert ended late and all the restaurants were already closed by then,” Tita Ching recalled. “Only bars were still open but patrons below 21 were not allowed. So we all ended up having dinner at McDonald’s. At wala namang reklamo si Regine.

“I actually met Regine through Jose Mari Chan, who is one of the original artists of Lemar. Joe Mari invited us to his benefit concert with Regine at Leyte State College in Tacloban (in August 1990) for the Cathedral School of La Naval. At that time, Regine was so gorgeous, so young, so fresh at hindi pa siya mahilig sa mga signature bags. She was so quiet and so simple, but everyone already knew then that she was an extraordinary talent. She was managed then by Ronnie Henares. I also got to meet for the first time Mang Gerry, Regine’s father, who was so supportive and protective of Regine.”

After her Carnegie Hall concert, Regine and Mang Gerry stayed for a few days at the Legardas’ Tony Westchester home in the New York suburbs. The Legardas have two children — Denise L. Gallagher (she has a young daughter, Fiona); and Aldo Legarda, who is getting married next year to Charisse Luk in Bali, Indonesia. The Legarda family owns the avant garde restaurant La Cocina de Tita Moning near Malacañang. I’ve been to the place upon the invitation of celebrity lawyer Katrina Legarda (Tita Ching’s cousin-in-law) and dining there is a memorable experience.

“Talagang hindi madaldal si Regine, tahimik lang talaga, kahit namamasyal kami around New York,” Tita Ching continued. “She wasn’t like other teenagers na livewire or maingay, or who would gush with excitement pag may nakitang gusto nila or nakakatuwa. She was always prim and proper. And to show her appreciation to me and Mon, Regine bought a nice turtleneck and drew a woman’s face on it and signed it for us. That was truly a lovely gesture knowing that it came from her heart. We fell in love with her because of that. We still have that turtleneck, by the way.”

Tita Ching said it was Ogie who actually informed her on the phone last Oct. 16 that they’re getting her to be a ninang.

“It was just a casual call from Ogie,” Tita Ching told Edmund. “Ogie said, ‘Can you be one of our ninangs?’ Of course, I was surprised and happy, and I simply told Ogie, ‘Yes, I’m honored and I accept’.”

Tita Ching said she and Mon (who always call Regine a “Lemar baby”) are so happy that Regine finally met the man who “completes her.”

“They are very much in love with each other,” she said. “Ogie is very down to earth and funny, and a brilliant singer and songwriter, ang dami niyang hit songs at pareho pa silang Entertainer of the Year ni Regine. All her life, Regine dedicated herself to her family. She made sure all her siblings graduated from college, have their own careers, at nasa maayos na estado ang buong pamilya niya. I think she’ll be forever like that, very close to her family. And I salute her for that.”

I told Edmund to relay the message to Tita Ching that Regine will wear a dazzling red gown specially designed by Monique Lhuillier, and to ask Tita Ching what she will be wearing.

Laughed Edmund during an overseas call, “Tita Ching won’t tell dahil hindi naman daw siya ang ikakasal.”

Said Edmund, “All Tita Ching would say is that she wishes Regine and Ogie lots of love and understanding.”

Tita Ching added, “And since they’re both really busy and very dedicated to their careers, they must find time for each other. Love is self-sacrifice. They should give and take in order to have a successful marriage.”

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