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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DIVA- My Girl

DIVA Songwriting Contest (professional category winner)

"My Girl" composed by Jeffrey Yumol
versions by JayR (Party Pilipinas) and Melody & Gary (Diva)

vid by carminiwithlove99


My Girl
baby stop your crying
your world is slowly dying
your face is getting ugly
baby let me tell you something
the drama was insane
yes i can feel your pain
inside my umbrella i can help you stop the rain
kiss all your tears goodbye
spread your wings and fly
you dont need to worry
baby i can be your sky
stay right by my side
starry starry night
can i call you mine
baby can you be my girl
my girl, my girl
baby can you be my girl

it feels like blowing bubbles
you keep away the troubles
you kiss me once
you grab my hands and then you make it double
we are under the spell
love more than tongue can tell
we fight but we forgive
always saved by the bell
its you inside my heart
we'll never be apart
no letting go, we can always press restart
the darkness falls around us
but moon and stars will guide us
can i call you mine
baby can you be my girl
my girl, my girl
baby can you be my girl

what would i give to have you in my arms forever
i know that we were destined to be together
all the love we share
you show how much you care
like magic in the air
yes i can be your girl
promise me, no one comes between us
i promise you, i will give you all my trust
stay right by my side
these feelings i cant hide
can i call you mine
baby i can be your girl
your girl, your girl
yes i can be your girl
your girl, your girl
forever i will be your girl

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  1. wow ..i really like this song.. :)
    <3 congratz Jeffrey Yumol!!!

  2. hello can you please make a mp3 for the song my girl because its great...

  3. oh yeah... PM Jef at and he will send you the original song of My Girl, i just did and he sent it to me, and the original version is cooler than what's on the TV, GMA doesnt allow him to publish that song on the internet...

  4. ang ganda ng song n to!super! san pwde i-download tong song n to?? send me the link plz????

  5. i love this song!!!