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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Regine On Quitting SOP! (2nd Attempt?)

Is Regine Really Quitting S.O.P.?
by Ricardo F. Lo

Regine Velasquez: What’s making her so unhappy?

BREAKING NEWS: Could it be true that Regine Velasquez is seriously thinking of quitting as co-host of the GMA noontime show S.O.P. which has been subtitled Fully Charged after a much-needed reformatting?

“She’s not happy with the show anymore,” said Funfare’s Kapuso DPA. “Basta, hindi na siya masaya.”

It’s not sure yet when Regine will disappear from the show. Who knows, tomorrow could be...knock on wood...her farewell appearance. Be alert for whatever “announcement” Regine will make on S.O.P. tomorrow. Or she might opt to simply keep mum.

First reported to be quitting the show was Jolina Magdangal who was doing it in sympathy with her manager, Perry Lansigan, who cut his ties with S.O.P. after 18 years as executive producer.


1st attempt 2-17-08

vid by dleifocs808

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  1. Quit ka nalang Ms. Reg taz dun ka sa ASAP. :-)

  2. i don't think so!! she really loves SOP! maybe she wants NEW THINGS!! ryt?

  3. SOP without regine is nothing!!!

    all my friends and family excited to watch SOP cause of regine.

    cause of regine miron pang nag watch nang SOP honeslty lang. miron namang talets, sounds,light, stage at iba pa the problem lang sa SOP they cant come up with good product not liike before SOP old time.

    if regine will quit SOP i am sure SOP will go down

  4. I only watched SOP 'coz of REgine and Ogie.
    It's sad knowing that she's planning of quiting SOP but if she's not happy anymore, we(FANS) had nothing to do with it but just support whatever decisions she make.

    All we can do is to Hope for another show for Regine that will showcases her TALENT..so that we still had a glimpse to watch her once a week or maybe everyday..

  5. kung aalis man c reg lalo bababa ratings db?panu na nag sop?

  6. SOP would be dull if regine would decided to say goodbye.
    i think she's of the reason why sop stays and soar high..
    correct.sop is nothing without regine..

  7. she is in the show today so i don't think she will quit!!

  8. aw, no!!! wag nmn sana, lalo ng baba ung ratings ng SOP! tsk. at sa tingin ko nmn hindi kakayanin ni songbird un e, katulad dati. kasi im 100% sure na mahal na mahal nya tlga ang SOP!

  9. kung aalis xa tanggalinnlng SOP kc sobrng over panget na_.

  10. Kasi naman.. ang panget na ng show ngaun... take note.. nareformat pa un..?! e parang ginagaya nalang nila ang ASAP. Unlike before na sila ung pilit tinatapatan...whats up with the concept of ONE TIME ONLY ba un? I remember watching 1 sunday, tapos un ung prod.. si Gian Magdangal ala Lady Gaga? so funny... parang prod lang sa isang comedy bar..ung mga youngters ang pinapag host while the sila Regine sits to wait for the next prod. state of the art nga ung bagong studio.. pero parang mas ok pa ung shows ng SOP dati...

    Ang magandang gawin, bigyan nalang nila ng regular show si Regine parang Variety Show nya every Sunday.. Palitan ang SOP.. Trying hard copycat na ang show ngayon..

  11. ok lang kung magQUIT cia..
    basta wag cia lilipat sa ASAP..

  12. kung walang songbird,,mawawalan ng saya ang sop,kung saan ka masaya susuportahan ka nmin songbird,,sad man kami,,happy parin para sa iyo.