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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 10th Year Anniversary, R2K: The Concert!!

Happy 10th Year Anniversary! R2K: The Concert!!
April 7 & 8, 2000

R2K Concert is the biggest concert staged by Filipina artist, Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez during April 7-8 2000 at the well-known Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines. The concert was a very daring project for Velasquez as she personally directed and conceptualized the show. It paraded stunningly exquisite costumes, intricate stage design and pyrotechnics. The highly anticipated event caused a big traffic jam along EDSA. The most notable performance of the show is when Regine Velasquez sings her signature song "On The Wings of Love" while hanging on a harness in the mid-air.

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The show started with a video of Regine's pictures. Then Regine suddenly appeared alone wearing a red cape. She sang a few lines of "Larger Than Life" (by the Backstreet Boys) and then disappeared. She appeared again only when the dancers were in their places. She wore this black catsuit and knee-high boots and she had on a long, curly wig. She danced throughout the song. Even in the next number, she continued to dance. She changed her outfit briefly before the medley, she came out in a gold top with a purple miniskirt. Since she danced in those 2 numbers, she sat on the stage to rest for a while but first put on a long skirt. She talked with the audience sitting down and said that since she's in Araneta, she thinks that she could never sing that way again. As expected, she was to sing "I'll Never Love This Way Again." But before that, she sang "One Love." People were amazed at how she could hit those high notes in that sitting position that they clapped every time she belted. When she stood up, she started talking about titles given to stars. This led to the title which she wants to have and that's "Dancing Queen." The crowd sang "hu...hu hu..." even before Regine and the back-up singers started singing. She proceeded to sing "The Prayer" with Janno Gibbs and then "I Believe I" with Ogie Alcasid. Then she left them to do their number.

Regine came back wearing a yellow gown with butterflies printed on it and a crown of yellow flowers. She actually looked like a fairy. She started singing her signature song "On the Wings of Love." Everybody was caught by surprise when she flew up high at the middle of the song. Again, she belted away even on a harness. As she finished the song, she spoke of falling in love that led to her singing "Fallin'.". It was expected that she'd sing "Butterfly" (by Mariah Carey). She sang it the same way as she sang "On the Wings of Love," up on a harness.

When she got down, she sang the first part of "McArthur Park" (original version) and then disappeared. Her gay impersonators came out one by one.They all started with McArthur Park" and then sang the difficult songs thatRegine sings " And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going," "You'll Never Walk Alone," "What Kind of Fool Am I?" and "Somewhere"). They were even wearing gowns similar to Regine's. Regine came out from behind and started singing "McArthur Park" (her r&b/hiphop version). She had this red cowboy hat and a jacket. They did something to her mic that she sounded like she was using a megaphone in the entire song. Of course, KC Montero did the rap portion. "For the Love of You" quickly followed. Gabby Eigenmann went out and did the song with them.

At this point of the show, it was time for Regine to introduce her special guest, Jaya. Jaya was stunning in a black gown made by Rajo Laurel. Jaya soon sang a song for her good friend, Regine. It was a jazzed up "You've Got a Friend." Her number was well-received. Regine joined her onstage looking so sexy in a beautiful black dress that showed her back, arms and some parts of her stomach, hip and legs. They chose to sing "Habang May Buhay." People gave them a thunderous applause. Soon after, Regine talked about movies. She made us hear it and then proceeded to sing a medley of theme songs of her movies ("You Are My Song," "I Can," "Tunay na Ligaya" and of course, "Ikaw"). The mood turned serious when she sang "Sana Maulit Muli" (acoustic version).When the number ended, Regine thanked her sponsors, producers and the audience. This signaled the end of the show. Her last 2 songs were "That's the Way It Is" (by Celine Dion) and "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing." As expected, people asked for more. Regine came back and did "Written in the Sand" wearing a long red robe. Janno and Ogie suddenly came out after the song. They surprised Regine by giving her a triple platinum award for the album "R2K." After receiving the award, she did her last encore number which was an '80s medley. She made some dancers sing and introduced the members of the band in this medley. The medley started and ended with the song "Fame" (by Irene Cara). At the end of the show, all the guests came onstage and danced with them.


* It was hailed as one of the greatest shows by an Asian performer in the last twenty-five years.
* Sold out for two nights
* Best Concert by a Solo Female Artist

by: wikipilipinas


R2K: The Concert's Memorable Performances

On The Wings Of Love

Habang May Buhay

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

Written In The Sand

vids by ijonel and reginevideos

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  1. i wish regine will concert here in roxas city, capiz... i really want to see her coz for me i'm the number one fan 4 her, and she's really gorgeous ...

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