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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

‘SOP Ends On Feb. 28 To Be Replaced By ‘Party Pilipinas’

PEP Scoopbox (Feb. 24, 2010): Regine Velasquez also confirmed that S.O.P. will air its final episode this Sunday. They're coming up with a new show and she's part of it.

PEP Scoopbox (Feb. 24, 2010): Ogie Alcasid confirmed that this Sunday will be the last airing of S.O.P.


After SiS, another long-running GMA program is about to come to an end. SOP (Sobrang Okey Pare), despite being reformatted into SOP Fully Charged a few months ago, succumbed to the ratings game.

It looks like the more-than-ever “star-powered” ASAP XV of ABS-CBN did not give a chance for SOP to recover in the daytime race every Sunday. In fact, in last week’s battle for Sunday viewership, ASAP XV received 18% in Mega Manila while SOP Fully Charged only got 12% on its own turf. The gap is even bigger nationwide, of course.

After SOP comes to a fold this Sunday, a new program will be introduced to the televiewers after 3 weeks. The show will be called “Party Pilipinas.”

It will be directed by Louie Ignacio with Paul Basinillo as co-director.

The four main hosts of Party Pilipinas will still be Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Janno Gibbs, and Jaya. Jay-R, Kyla and La Diva will also stay.

Since almost all of the key personalities in SOP will return in Party Pilipinas, should we just call it a revamp or just a change of name?

Do you think it will work? Find out on March 21.

Source: Starmometer

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