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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slip of the tongue: Did Regine Velasquez just hint on retiring?

Since singers Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid became a couple,
many have speculated that it is just a matter of time before Regine
would retire from showbiz or at least slow down her career.
Regine had always avoided giving a specific answer to the speculation.

During the last part of her concert “Most Requested” held at Skydome
in SM North EDSA, Regine may have had a slip of the tongue when she
mused about holding concerts.

“Ngayon na lang ulit ako kumanta ng mga 20 songs… this will be my life in the next two years…” she said.

Asia’s Songbird may be tiring of keeping up with the hectic pace of
her career running more almost three decades now especially with the kind of songs
the public expect her to sing.

Although she had always joked how “punishing” her vocal acrobatics
are, she did so more times than usual (albeit good-naturedly) in “Most

“Dumudugo na ang ilong ko dahil may mga mas mataas pa diyan [na
kanta] mamya,” “Bopis na to[referring to a medley of songs with high
notes] ng bonggang-bongga!” and “Bakit kaya ang Pilipino, gustong-gusto
kapag nahihirapan ang singer?” were some of her jokes that night.
Some of the songs in the repertoire were “Halo” by Beyonce, an
Aegis medley performed with her “discovery” Eva Castillo, an Idol
coronation songs medley, a Chicago medley and an updated version of
“And I Am Telling You” which Asia’s Songbird sang a note higher than
any local singer has done..

Last year, Regine put out her 15th album titled “Low Key” which
features cover songs that required the use of only mid-range voice. The
album got a Gold Record award just days after its release and it opened
2009 as its first OPM album to have reached Platinum status.

article source: bubbahnians forum

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1 comment:

  1. although I am appreciating Ms.Iza in I heart you pare,as in she's really trying hard and she's doing a good job,kudos! and she's making me kilig together with mark anthony and dingdong,but still,I kinda miss you,Mrs.regine Alcasid.Okay I admit,not just kinda but super miss you na.Take care always as in super ingat at Godbless po!mwaaah!-arceearcee of DasmariƱas,Cavite